Step-by-step guide: How to get a home quote

Sonnet is a completely digital insurance company – we use new technology that means you don’t have to answer many questions to get an accurate quote that’s tailored to you. Quoting and purchasing coverage is all completed online. Follow our step-by-step to help you get your Sonnet home quote.


Step 1:

The first page you will see is “Tell us about yourself and your place”. Here, we want to know your property type and whether you own or rent it. Also, we’ll need your address.

Heads up! Enter your address as it is recognized by Canada Post. Your address should pre-populate as you enter it into the field.

Step 2:

Enter in your first and last name, plus your date of birth. Click “Continue”.

Heads up! You’ll need to be the owner of the property to get a quote under your name – if you are renting, this doesn’t apply to you.

Step 3:

The next page is titled “Is this correct?”. We have used technology to provide us with information about your house. Here, you simply need to verify and alter what we’ve filled in.  Then, enter your coverage start date – this is when you’d want your home insurance to start.

Step 4:

Read the consent statement- this is where we verify the information you’ve provided to us about your claims history. Then, click “view your quotes”.

Heads up! You’ll need to agree with the consent statement to proceed with the quote. 

Step 5:

Success! You now have up to three home quotes that are catered to you. The quote displays the cost for the coverages that are shown below. We suggest you click the “view and customize” button on the one you feel is the closest to your preferred level of coverage.

Step 6:

You’re nearly there! This page is “Your coverage details” – here we explain all the coverages in detail to help you understand how you’d be covered. Click on each coverage to learn more about it. Also, you can customize the limits and deductibles of any coverage – you’ll see the quote reflect the changes.

Step 7:

Once you’re happy with your coverage, click on “buy now” to purchase. Or if you’re not ready to buy, you can click “save quote” beneath the price to review it later.

Step 8:

Success – you’ve made your quote! All you need to do now is enter in your email address. We’ll send you an email with a link that brings you back to this page at any time.