10 decorating errors and how to avoid them
Home decorating errors to avoid
These days, home décor is not only about having a beautiful home but the process of putting it all together and having a sense of accomplishment at the end. Sometimes, however, you can feel like your space is just not right and you’re not quite sure why. Here are a few minor decorating errors and how to avoid them to help make your space feel more comfortable and complete:

1. Hanging pictures too high

If your art or frames are too high, it will feel a bit off. The rule of thumb is to hang the centre of your picture at eye level (average eye level is 57”).

2. Over-accessorizing

While you need enough stuff with meaning to keep your space cozy and personalized, overdoing it can make your space feel cluttered and messy. Consider editing your look by removing a few decorative pieces here and there, or by putting your accessories on rotation if you’re really fond of all your pieces.

3. Too many signs and quotes

The recent trend of signs and inspirational quotes throughout your home is a lovely way to show your personality to your guests; however, be conscious of the number of signs and quotes in your home. An overload of reading may start to feel like an eye test.

4. Pushing furniture against the wall

It may be your natural instinct to push your furniture against the wall, but instead try taking a step back, identifying your focal point, and then configuring your room around it. This could mean your fireplace is your focal point, so you might flank it with two floating loveseats facing each other.

5. Lack of harmony

You can achieve cohesion and harmony through repetition and symmetry around your focal point; like the example mentioned above, flanking your fireplace with two loveseats is both repetitive and symmetrical. Adding similar fabrics and textures around the room helps add to the repetition and overall harmony.

6. Curtain rod installed too low

Avoid hanging your curtain rod too low. Installing your curtain rod 4 to 6 inches above the window frame will draw your eye up, plus it will elevate the height of the ceilings and window itself.

7. Accent walls

This is more a fleeting trend rather than a decorating error. Accent walls have had their day, but we are seeing a shift away from them and more into accentuated moulding and trim.

8. Curtains too short

Ensure your curtains touch the floor. Even if they are too long, it’s better for them to puddle than be too short.

9. Too much symmetry

While symmetry is one of the keys to achieving harmony in your home, too much can make it feel contrived and blatant. If you feel you’ve got too much symmetry in your space, take a step back and remove one of the pairs.

10. Microwave above the stove

Let’s be honest - people are using their microwaves less and less nowadays, so giving what’s essentially a popcorn maker prime real estate above the stove doesn’t really make sense and just adds to clutter.

Hope these tips will help fix those minor tweaks to your home décor!

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