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Image of tablet showing Sonnet’s easy to understand home insurance coverage
Image of tablet showing Sonnet’s easy to understand home insurance coverage

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What’s the secret behind our competitive pricing? Total personalization. Our advanced analytics gives you access to data that allows us to provide personalized coverage at a competitive price. Plus, you can save more if you’re claims-free and if you buy more than one policy. Get a quote and see for yourself!

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Geospatial and publicly available data simplifies quoting and improves accuracy. That’s just a fancy way of saying we use technology to take the hassle out of buying insurance.

Now everyone in Canada gets easy access to the right coverage.

Map of Canada showing call-outs of different types of dwellings

3213 Elm Street Age: 24 years Units: 3 Sq Ft: 3,000 Construction type: Stucco

234 First St Apt 2 Age: 3 years Sq Ft: 800 Construction type: Brick

9231 Bay St Unit #312 Location: Downtown Building Age: 10 years Construction type: Brick

123 Main Street Age: 10 years Sq Ft: 1,800 Construction type: Brick

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