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Why do you need the best health insurance for your pet?

Our cats and dogs are members of the family. They’re loyal, loving – and unpredictable. Unexpected accidents or illnesses can happen at any time, and 84% of Canadian pet owners don’t have pet insurance. This means they’re paying full price for expensive vet bills – and costs can add up quickly with surgeries, medications, and follow ups to make sure everything’s okay. Pet insurance helps cover these unplanned vet visits so you can focus on spending quality time with your furry friend rather than the burden of medical expenses.

Why choose Sonnet Pet Insurance?

  • Competitive pricing and flexible payment options 
  • Wide range of coverages to protect your pet inside and out 
  • Simple claims process
  • Award-winning customer care
  • Underwritten by Petline Insurance Company
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What does Sonnet Pet Insurance cover for your cat or dog?

Up to 80% of your vet bill is covered – including exam fees and taxes. Here are just a few of the ways Sonnet Pet Insurance provides care for your pet:


Sonnet Pet Insurance provides coverage to help get your furry friend well again if they get sick unexpectedly and need extra care and treatment. The limit for this coverage is $2500 per condition, per year.


If your pet is hurt in an accident (like if your pup accidentally breaks their leg), pet insurance can help get them back on their paws. The limit for this coverage is $2500 per accident.


What if your cat or dog needs an operation as a result of a covered accident or illness? Unplanned surgery can be costly, so Sonnet Pet Insurance helps pay for that, too.

X-rays and diagnostics

Sometimes, imaging and more tests are needed to diagnose your pet. With Sonnet Pet Insurance, you won’t need to pay for them out of pocket.

Dental care

You’re covered if your cat or dog needs dental work due to illness or trauma. The cost of annual cleanings and problems with the teeth or gums is also covered. This is something many other pet insurers don’t offer. The limit for this coverage is $300 per year.

Alternative therapy

Sometimes pets will need other types of treatment like physio, acupuncture or massage. These services may be covered if performed as a result of an insured accident or illness and authorized by your vet. The limit for this coverage is $350 per year.

Behavioural therapy

Just like us, pets have mental health needs. Whether it’s separation anxiety or aggression issues, your pet deserves to be well inside and out. These services may be covered if referred to by your vet and performed by a certified animal behavioural therapist. The limit for this coverage is $350 per year.


When your pet needs medicine – after surgery, for example, or to treat a sudden infection – Sonnet Pet Insurance has you covered.

Medical devices

Some pets have health conditions that require the use of ramps, prosthetics or wheelchairs. These items may be covered if provided or personally approved by your vet. The limit for this coverage is $350 per year.

And more...

Sonnet Pet Insurance provides coverage for emergency care and hospitalization. Kennel and boarding fees and lost pet advertising are also included. Your plan even covers cremation or burial costs and an in-memoriam donation, as well as holiday cancellations.

How much does pet insurance cost in Canada?

The monthly cost of pet insurance plans varies depending on the kind of pet you have (cat or dog) and their breed. It also depends on where you live. The typical pet owner can expect to pay between:

$43 - $84

Average price per month for dog insurance

$27 - $50

Average price per month for cat insurance

How to compare pet insurance

Pet insurance isn't one-size-fits-all. It’s important to compare different plans to make sure you're getting the best coverage for your four-legged pal. And naturally, you want to get the best price too. Here are some key steps to follow when you're looking for cat or dog insurance:

Step 1. Carefully research each company's coverage. Pet insurance plans in Canada can vary widely in what they have to offer. Look for accident coverage, illness coverage, and dental coverage based on your pet’s breed risk, age, and location to find the best fit.

Step 2. Track the details. There's a lot of information to digest when you're getting pet insurance quotes. The easiest way to stay organized is to compare them side by side using a spreadsheet, or whatever way works best for you.

Step 3. Understand what's not included in each company's plan. Pre-existing conditions typically aren’t covered by any pet insurance plan, and there are usually other exclusions no matter which company you choose. Read up on what isn't covered so there are no surprises after purchase.

Step 4. Read the reviews. Does the company have a good track record for care, claims, and customer service? Having a sick pet can be stressful. Your furry friend deserves the very best – and so do you.

Step 5. Contact the company if you have any questions. Some things (like deductibles) work a little differently with pet insurance. If you're unsure about things like coverage, payment, or anything else at all you should give the company a call.

Unexpected accidents and illness can happen at any time, and pet insurance can give your wallet some relief when you're faced with costly vet bills. Start comparing pet insurance quotes today. Already have a home or auto policy with Sonnet? You can save up to 5% on your pet insurance!

Questions about pet insurance? We're here to help

Sonnet Pet Insurance’s number one priority is helping pet owners take care of their furry friends. Here’s some helpful info and common questions to get you started.

Step-by-step guide: How to get a pet quote

It’s quick and easy to get Sonnet Pet Insurance for your furry best friend. You don’t have to answer many questions to get an accurate quote that’s tailored to your pet. Quoting and purchasing coverage is all completed online. Follow this step-by-step to help you get your Sonnet Pet Insurance quote.

Step 1:

There are a couple of ways to start your pet quote from

  • Click the Get a quote button on any page and choose Pet.
  • After you have purchased a home or auto policy, you also have the option to add pet insurance. Either click Get a pet quote on your purchase confirmation page, or log in to your Sonnet account and on your dashboard click the Get a quote button and choose Pet. (Current Sonnet customers get a 5% discount on Sonnet Pet Insurance!)

Step 2:

You will be taken to the pet portal to begin your quote. The first page you'll see is titled “Quick quote”. Here, we want to know all about your pet – their name, if they are a dog or a cat, their breed, and birth date. We’ll also need your postal code and email address. Then you can click Get quote now to continue.

Heads up! It’s okay if you don’t know your pet’s exact birth date. A ballpark guess is okay for the day, but we will need you to be as accurate as possible with the year they were born.

Step 3:

Next, you’ll be able to see your plan; how much coverage your pet will get for accidents, illness, and dental per year. You can choose the deductible you want and see the price you’ll pay per month.

Step 4:

The next page is “Pet info”. Here is where you’ll enter your pet’s gender and the veterinary clinic you visit for checkups. Then, click continue.

Step 5:

You’re nearly there! This page is your “Policy details” – here, we show you an overview of your pet details, plan details including the coverage start date, and monthly payment.

Heads up! If you’re not ready to purchase your pet insurance, that’s okay, your quoted premium rate is valid for a period of 30 days. We’ll send you an email with the details of your pet’s quote.

Step 6:

If you’re happy with your coverage and want to purchase your pet policy, we’ll require you to fill out the owner’s section of the page. You will need to fill in your name, address, phone number, and email. We’ll then need your payment information. Click on Confirm and complete purchase to buy your pet insurance policy.

Success – you’ve purchased your quote! We’ll send you an email with all the important details.

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

No. If signs or symptoms of a condition were showing before the policy started or before the end of the waiting periods, that condition won’t be eligible for coverage. The same would apply if your pet shows clinical signs before you apply for the policy, but they haven’t yet been diagnosed.

The good news is, pet insurance can protect your furry friend in the future, since unexpected accidents and illnesses can still happen. For the health of your pet (and your wallet), it’s wise to have the protection pet insurance offers. This way, you can get your dog or cat back to good health and avoid paying costly vet bills.

Still have questions about your pet’s conditions? Sonnet Pet Insurance’s customer service team is always happy to help via phone or email!

How will I receive my Sonnet Pet Insurance documents and any communication you send me?

If you signed up for your pet insurance policy online, your method of communication will be automatically set to email. This means all communication will be sent to the email you used to set up your Sonnet Pet Insurance account (also known as your Customer Portal). If you haven’t created your Customer Portal yet, click here and we’ll walk you through setting it up.

After setting up your account, you’ll have 24/7 access to your Customer Portal. Here, you can view, download and print out your policy documents, as well as claims forms and claims documents.

If you prefer receiving documents by regular mail, you can change your method of communication after buying the policy. You can make this change via your Customer Portal or by calling us at 1-888-920-7180.

How do I set up and log in to my Sonnet Pet Insurance account?

It’s easy! Here’s everything you need to know about your Sonnet Pet Insurance account – also known as your Customer Portal.

Why should I set up my Sonnet Pet Insurance Customer Portal?

Because our Customer Portal gives you 24/7 access to your Sonnet Pet Insurance account, where you can:

  • Update your contact and payment information
  • Download personalized claim forms
  • Submit a claim online
  • Review all policy and claims documents
  • Add pets
  • Upload a picture of your pet

How do I log in to my Customer Portal if I already have an account?

  1. Click on this link to access the Sonnet Pet Insurance Customer Portal.
  2. On the left-hand side, enter your email and the password you created when you registered. Forgot your password?
  3. Click on “Forgot your password?” and we’ll help you set up a new one.
  4. That’s it – you’re done!

How do I register for my Customer Portal if I’m a new customer and don’t have an account yet?

  1. After buying the policy, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that your Welcome Letter and Binder of Coverage are now available in your Sonnet Pet Insurance Customer Portal.
  2. In the email, you’ll be asked to register for the Customer Portal. The email will provide you with the link to register. It’ll also ask you to enter the email address on file and your customer number (don’t worry – this number is included in the email!).
  3. After registering, we’ll send you another email asking you to create your Sonnet Pet Insurance password.
  4. That’s it – you’re done! Now you can go directly to the Sonnet Pet Insurance login page to log in using your new password.

Tip: if you can’t find the email in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder. If you’re still having trouble, give us a ring at 1-888-920-7180 – we’ll help you out.

Have questions about your Sonnet Pet Insurance? Get in touch! Just reach out to our dedicated agents via email or phone (1-888-920-7180) – they’re happy to help.

Where is Sonnet Pet Insurance offered?

Sonnet Pet Insurance is available to residents of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, B.C., and P.E.I. 

How can I save on my pet insurance?

Make sure you get the best price on your Sonnet Pet Insurance. Have a home or auto policy with us already? You can save 5% on pet insurance just for being a current Sonnet customer. To access this savings, sign in to your Sonnet account before getting a pet quote.

Is the price for my pet insurance quote the final price?

Yes! As long as all questions were answered correctly, this is your final price – it won’t change upon purchase. And there’s no hidden fees.

What payment methods can I use to purchase a Sonnet Pet Insurance policy?

You have two payment methods to choose from – credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or direct withdrawal.

What does pet insurance cover?

With pet insurance coverage, up to 80% of your pet’s bill will be covered in case of accident or illness. Plus, you’ll even be covered for things like boarding/kennel fees, lost pet advertising and more. The plan provides coverage for:

  • Accidents
  • Dental
  • Illness
  • Exam fees
  • Alternative therapy
  • Behavioural therapy
  • X-rays and diagnostics
  • Surgeries
  • Medication
  • Preventive care

It’s important to know that some things aren’t covered by pet insurance. Learn more about what is and isn't covered by pet insurance.

Still have questions about coverage or claims?

Sonnet Pet Insurance’s customer service team is here for you, and always happy to help. Read more about the claims process, or reach out for more info.

Average monthly premiums for pet insurance are based on current Petline Insurance Company policies as of April 2021.

Percentage of Canadians without pet insurance taken from a Google Sonnet Pet Insurance Survey, Canada using a sample of over 18K responses, dated Nov 05, 2019.