3 reasons why we’re excited about 3D printed cars

Right now, 3D printed cars are mainly an auto show attraction and have yet to find their way to Canadian streets. But just because 3D printed vehicles aren’t mainstream doesn’t mean insurers haven’t already started thinking about how they could impact customers and the insurance industry overall.

Aside from being a cool technology, there are other reasons why we’re excited about 3D printed vehicles:

3d printed cars help improve the claims process

  • It would help improve the claims process.
    One of the factors that can increase the cost and time associated with an auto insurance claim is getting new parts. Imported vehicles often need parts that have to be shipped from other locations, sometimes overseas. Likewise, if you have an older vehicle or one that’s been out of production for some time, finding the right parts can be a long and tedious process. With 3D printing technology however, parts can be manufactured locally without the wait.

3d printed cars help cut down on the number of auto claims

  • It could help cut down on the number of auto claims.
    Imagine having a fully waterproof vehicle that would be safe from flood damage, thanks to the unique materials that went into your 3D-printed car frame. Or maybe a car that would never rust or is resistant to road salt. A hail-proof vehicle? An insurer’s dream come true! Being able to customize vehicles based on location and environment is just one of the ways 3D printing technology can help reduce auto claims.

3d printed cars help reduce your premium

  • It could help reduce your premium.
    Cutting down on claim-related costs could potentially help reduce the amount you pay for your auto insurance.

As insurers, we love the possibilities that could come from 3D printed vehicle technology and the potential benefits for the industry. As fellow drivers, we also like the fact that manufacturers will be able to use lighter weight construction materials which lead to greater fuel efficiency. And with car makers exploring the use of biodegradable materials for 3D printed vehicles, the future of auto production is looking better for the environment as well.

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