Accident Forgiveness: What Is It & How Does It Work?
Woman on the phone with her insurance provider after an auto accident

Even the best driver can make a mistake. So when your first at-fault accident happens, it’s good to know there’s such a thing as accident forgiveness.

How does accident forgiveness work?

Let’s say you have an accident and it turns out you’re at fault. Accident forgiveness promises that your rate won’t increase because of the accident. Keep in mind, this only applies to your first at-fault accident and you’ll need to qualify for the coverage (more on that in a bit).

How do you qualify for accident forgiveness?

Accident forgiveness might be automatically included in your policy or can be purchased as an additional coverage. Either way, you’ll need to qualify for it. Each insurer has their own requirements, but generally they’re looking for three key things:

  1. You need to have been accident free (for a specific period of time)
  2. You haven’t had your auto coverage cancelled for non-payment
  3. You haven’t had more than three minor convictions or any other major, serious or criminal convictions

Check out our FAQ to find out how to qualify for accident forgiveness with Sonnet.

What isn’t covered by Accident Forgiveness?

  • Accident Forgiveness only applies to your auto insurance policy. It doesn’t mean you won’t get demerit points and it won’t protect you from being charged if you’ve broken the law.
  • Accident Forgiveness applies to your first at-fault claim only. If you get into another at-fault accident, this coverage will be removed from your policy. You’ll be rated for both accidents – and any subsequent at-fault accidents. Make sure you understand how your policy could be affected if you have more than one at-fault accident.
  • Even though your accident won’t affect your rate, it will still be reflected on your record. So, if you move to a new insurance company, the accident that was forgiven may be counted, which could result in a higher premium (it all depends on the insurance company).

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