Usage-based insurance and the new driver
Young female driver

You’re a new driver who’s about to dive into the world of auto insurance. We know it can seem overwhelming and that’s why we’re here to help! There’s a new option for auto insurance in Ontario – it’s called usage-based insurance, which includes Sonnet Shift. It’s got tons of advantages for new drivers, including ways to lower your insurance cost while also getting the coverage you need. We know you have questions, so we’re here to answer everything a new driver needs to know about usage-based insurance.

How does usage-based insurance help with responsible driving?

With Sonnet Shift, data on your driving behaviour is collected in the mobile app, where bad habits like speeding, distracted driving, and braking all matter. With the feedback you get in the app, you’ll have insights into the way you drive, which can help you develop better driving skills overall. New drivers will want to start with good driving habits right from their very first day on the road!

Is there potential for lower premiums?

Yes - that’s one of the benefits! Traditional insurance policy premiums are based on factors like age, gender, and location, but usage-based insurance also looks at a person’s individual driving behaviours. So, a new driver who’s got safe driving habits will see decreased costs for their auto insurance, which saves a lot of money over time.

Is Sonnet Shift customized for the driver?

As mentioned, usage-based insurance offers a personalized approach. While traditional models rely on demographic data, when it comes to usage-based insurance, insurers look at individual driving patterns to define risk. The incentive for new drivers is simple: The better and safer your driving behaviour, the better the price (not to mention it helps keep your driving record clean). 

What type of insights does the driver receive? 

Lots of details can be shared with the driver when it comes to their behaviour, including areas of improvement. For example, Sonnet Shift will tell you if you’re braking too fast or speeding too much, which lets you know where to course-correct and make adjustments for your next drive. Plus, this is a great opportunity for any Canadian driver to examine their behaviour on the road and make changes. Even better if you’re a new driver just starting out! 

Does this help build good driving skills?

Absolutely. New drivers have no driving history and no record, so with usage-based insurance collecting data every time they’re behind the wheel, that means they’ve got a chance to demonstrate responsible driving skills. This helps build a good track record as a driver, which leads to lower insurance premiums. That’s why usage-based insurance is extra helpful for new drivers – since you’re starting with a blank slate, you can prove right off the bat that you’re a safe driver. Then, so long as you maintain these good habits, you’ll keep getting those long-term savings on your auto insurance. Win-win!

Of course, the rules of the road are important, and it’s how you follow them that counts. With Sonnet Shift’s usage-based insurance, you could save up to 35% on your auto insurance if you maintain safe driving habits from day one – and great premiums are an extra bonus for you to enjoy your life as a new driver. So whether you have a new driver in your life or you’re the new driver yourself, be sure look into usage-based insurance as an option.

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