Love your commute!
5 car features that will make you look forward to going to work.

Of the 11.4 million Canadians who drive to work, nearly two million have an average commute of 42 minutes. When you spend that much time in your car, you want to make the drive to and from work as comfortable, relaxing and safe as possible.

Here are five car features that can make your commute more enjoyable and help you carry that positive weekend vibe over to the rest of your week!

    • Satellite radio or smartphone-enabled systems. No annoying deejays or the same songs on repeat day after day – just you and your favourite tunes. Oh, and of course, a good sound system is a must!

    • Rain-sensing windshield wipers. How many times have you fumbled around trying to get the right setting on your windshield wipers and drive at the same time? Rain-sensing wipers will clear your windshield of rain, snow and even debris without your ever having to lift a finger.

    • Heated/cooling seats and heated steering wheels. If you’re going to be sitting down for any length of time, you need to be comfortable. Heated seats and steering wheel keep you toasty warm in the winter, while cooling seats offer sweet relief from the summer heat.

    • Text blocker. Some car manufacturers are including text messaging deterrents in their newer models. When you get a text, the vehicles let you know, reads the message to you and responds with a “call me back later” message.

  • Blind spot detection. First developed by Volvo, blind spot detection technology uses cameras or sensors to let you know about traffic that’s just behind you as well as what might be coming up alongside you.

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†SOURCE: Stats Canada Commuting to Work, National Household Survey 2011