How to prepare your ride for winter

As you begin to pull out your wool sweaters and parkas for winter, you should also be thinking about getting your car ready for winter.

Here are some ways to get your car in tip-top shape before the snow starts falling.

Book a maintenance check-up

Pay a visit to your mechanic to inspect important aspects of your vehicle to ensure you’re winter ready. Brakes, batteries, lights, heating systems and any belts or hoses are the top things to have checked out. You might want to do an oil change too!

Did you know? Keeping a full gas tank can help add weight for car traction and can prevent your fuel lines from freezing.

Get a set of winter tires

Without winter tires, coming to a stop may be challenging and dangerous – even if you have all-wheel drive. When picking tires, look for the “Mountain Peak” symbol and consider getting a size smaller and thinner than your stock tires to help you cut through snow better.

Did you know? Getting winter tires can help you get through snow and, if you live in Ontario, it can also reduce your insurance rate.

Replace your windshield wipers

Being able to see through your windshield is key for safe driving. Make sure you replace your old and worn out wiper blades at least once a year or before the snow begins falling.

Don’t forget to top up that windshield washer fluid with anti-freeze!

Quick Tip: Spare a few seconds of shivers to clean the snow off your entire car! It can help keep you and other drivers safe, and avoid a potential fine or accident.

Keep your car in a covered area

If possible, try to keep your car in a garage or a covered area. Not only will this help keep off the snow, but also it will help avoid ice build-up, protect your paint and prevent fluids from freezing.

Prepare an emergency winter kit

Along with your emergency roadside kit, make sure you pack warm blankets, dry clothes, non-perishable foods and a mini shovel for your safety and protection in case you get snowed-in!

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