Adulting made simple
Sonnet makes adulting simple

These days, there are times when today’s adults don’t feel like adults. After all, the realities of adulthood can become quite overwhelming: careers, marriage, kids, homeownership, and much more, hence the meme “I don’t feel like adulting today.” And who can blame them? Adulting takes a lot of work, and then of course there’s the need to review and select your home and auto insurance provider.

Luckily, that’s where Sonnet comes in. Our application process takes one of the big adult responsibilities – getting insured - and makes it feel like child’s play. Answer a few simple questions on your phone and in a couple of minutes, you’re insured. How adult is that?

Welcome to ‘Adulting Made Simple’, our new campaign highlighting a few ‘adulting’ moments that we all go through, whether it’s making dinner, selecting a daycare, figuring out car troubles, or even making it to your kids’ activities on time. The idea of adulting perfectly captures that in-between feeling that so many people are left with: having one foot in adulthood and the other not sure what to do!

Our latest campaign highlights the unique properties that are exclusively Sonnet’s – we’re fast, straightforward, customizable, and here for you. All these elements come to life as we witness a future Sonnet customer realize that there actually is an easier way – and that beyond all of the difficulties of adulting, there is a more straightforward approach to home and auto insurance.

Adulting Made Simple

Looking for the latch under the hood of your car? Another adulting dilemma many of us face at one point or another. Whether it’s a new car or a car that is new to you, searching for and then ultimately locating the latch can be an extremely frustrating task. Dale knows this all too well, and while our ambassador advises him that he can contact Sonnet 24/7, he still may have to contact his dad to figure out the latch situation.

Next, we have ‘Activities,’ in which we quickly realize that Jason has given up on his endeavours. How does a parent balance the time between all of their child’s activities? Sometimes, not so well. Our Sonnet ambassador once again arrives to show Jason a simpler way that university and college grads can save big – and while he might not have solved the riddle of being in two places at once, he’ll still be able to save on his home and auto insurance.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

In conclusion, adulting is hard, but Sonnet is simple. While we can’t spare you from your everyday grownup tasks, we can ensure your insurance shopping and buying is as seamless as possible.

Keep your home and auto protected with the right insurance for your needs.