How to create a positive work culture remotely
Male professional on a video call

Most offices have either become fully remote or have a hybrid approach. While employees are often more productive when working from home, they still need to feel part of a team. This means that maintaining company culture digitally is key. Work culture is so important because it’s what makes a business unique – and it’s pivotal for long-term success. So, what can you do as a leader to create a positive work environment while working remotely?

1. Set up communication channels

For many professionals, the physical office has changed from in-person to be fully digital. This means that clear communication is more important now than ever. It’s no longer possible to have a quick side conversation with a colleague. Instead, relying on digital tools is key.

It’s best to use different platforms for meetings and messages. For example, a webinar (where all attendees can be muted) is great for a town hall. Whereas instant messaging chats are better for quick updates. Or for a one-on-one status, video calls are great. The frequency and how you communicate to your team will depend on your organization.

Communication to the company as a whole is also key for establishing culture. One way to do this is through internal newsletters. They can include department updates, internal wins and employee recognition. These types of messages set the tone for the company. Plus, it’s an easy and simple way to keep everyone in a company working towards the same goal.

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2. Get personal

While there’s no longer a physical door to your office, the open-door policy should still apply. Schedule regular check-ins with your team to talk about work and see how they’re really doing. As a leader, showing that you genuinely care about employee well-being goes a long way. Colleague or not, we’re all humans that deserve kindness.

Right now, everyone is experiencing high levels of stress (in all parts of their life) due to the pandemic. Leaders have the opportunity to build confidence in the organization by addressing common concerns. This will help employees put their trust in their place of work.

3. Re-emphasize company culture through leadership

All employees can influence company culture. But, it’s usually senior leadership that sets the overall tone. This is why the way leaders communicate is so important. Especially in times of crisis, it’s best to lead by example.

Company culture has a direct impact on business success and employee engagement. So, it’s important to think of ways to show company culture even while working remotely. To recap, here are three ways you can lead a positive work culture while working from home:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently
  • Connect with employees in a way that is genuine
  • Leaders need to embody company values

Remote work is here to stay. And although your team is distant, you’ll still be able to stay connected while strengthening the overall culture.

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