3 tips for a happy move with David Desharnais

Moving is something almost everyone has experienced, whether it’s just for a change of scenery, to be closer to family or for an incredible career opportunity. It can be a stressful time, full of change – but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. For David Desharnais, moving to a whole new province is just another part of being a professional hockey player with the NHL®.

Here are 3 ways David finds the joys in moving (and how you can too):

  1. Know what you want. The most important thing David looks for when hunting for a new place is “comfort – you’re there for 7-8 months during the hockey season and you need to be comfortable.” For him that means being close to the hockey rink, in a quiet neighbourhood, with a beautiful kitchen (he likes to cook). Knowing what matters most to you when it comes to moving will really help you focus on finding the perfect place.   

  2. Get to know the area. While his wife is still handling arrangements back home for the big move and their baby on the way, David takes the time to “try new restaurants, go for a walk, chat with your neighbour – it’s the best way to discover what makes a new place special.” While first-hand experience is hard to beat, it’s also a good idea to do some initial research online before you settle on an area.

  3. Find the positives. “Moving is stressful, but I just try to go with the flow and find the positives!” As a player, one of these positives is “…getting to know the guys that you played against. Being on the same team now is pretty cool.” Whether it’s making new friends, becoming more independent or just being able to start fresh, there are lots of reasons for any move to be a happy move

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