5 tips for organizing your home
Organizing home

Sometimes the best way to change the vibe of your home is to instill a new organization regimen. Here are 5 tips for organizing your home to help get you started:

Organization Tip #1: Declutter

If you didn’t jump on the “sparks joy” movement in 2019, here is your chance. Take a look at your home and remove anything that makes you feel anxious or that doesn’t bring you happiness. Decluttering can make your home feel more organized, lighter and airier, like a home makeover itself. If you have a hard time giving your stuff away, consider selling it to a friend or having a yard sale.

Organization Tip #2: Hooks

Does your family have a habit of hanging their coats on furniture when they enter the house? Or perhaps they toss them on bar stools, couches or chairs? To prevent this from occurring, simply install some hooks on the inside of your entry closet, or place a coat rack at the front door – it’s great for the family and visitors. Another good tip is to limit your family to one coat at the front door at a time (and keeping all other coats in the closet).

Organization Tip #3: Storage

Keep a few boxes on the floor of your entry closet. It’s a perfect way for the kids (and spouse) to quickly throw their stuff in - like mittens, scarves or flip flops - as they come and go. The main reason people leave their shoes and mittens lying at the front door is because it’s easy, but if you make it easy for them to stow their stuff away then they’ll do it.

Organization Tip #4: Charging Station

Technology today has far surpassed its own organization. Most homes have a plethora of wires and plugs hanging around the kitchen or in the bedrooms. Consider putting together a designated charging station and perhaps turn it into a home organization centre. Find or build a charging station with a space for keys, notes, and of course phones. There are many options out there that include other useful features as well as multiple USB ports and cord storage.

Organization Tip #5: Get Things Off the Ground

Whether it’s the modem box or a stack of magazines, get them off the ground. Consider installing shelves in your space for added storage, but be careful not to overload them or it will feel cluttered again. The key is to keep things spaced out - the white space in between items is what makes the home feel less cluttered and polished.

Organizing a home can take a few days, so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or stop. The worst thing you can do is stop. Break it down into smaller jobs (like one drawer a day) and continue until it’s done. Good luck!

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