7 Halloween decorating ideas to make your home spooktacular
Decorating your home for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching! A night full of witches, skeletons, ghosts, vampires, and all things spooky and creepy, it’s a fun time for children and adults alike. Of course, part of the fun of Halloween is also being able to decorate your home in a haunted theme. Looking for suggestions? Here are 7 guaranteed spooktacular ideas.

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a classic when it comes to Halloween. Most people typically carve them to turn them into jack-o-lanterns, but you don’t have to go that route. You can also paint pumpkins or just leave them as is. Consider buying a few in different sizes, shapes, and even colours (you can get white ghost pumpkins!) and use them to decorate both your porch and inside of your house if you wish.

2. Turn Your Yard into a Cemetery

Halloween is a night of ghosts, zombies, and mummies – and perhaps some of them came from your front yard! Many decoration and party stores will sell tombstones you can buy and put out on your lawn, but if you feel like being creative, you can also make your own with some Styrofoam or cardboard and spray paint. Don’t forget to get creative with the epitaphs!

3. Add Some Spider Webs

Fake spider webs are easy to make and work well both indoors and outdoors. Hang some around doors, light fixtures, or even around your fireplace to add a creepy-crawly vibe to your home for Halloween. You can even buy some fake spiders, like those plastic spider rings you can get at the dollar store, and add them to your web designs.

4. Hang Some Halloween Lights

Christmas isn’t the only holiday where changing the lights can add a festive feeling! There are tons of cute or even creepy strings of lights made for Halloween as well. From little skulls to bats to pumpkins, you can find these at party stores for both indoor and outdoor use. If you aren’t really into the idea of hanging Halloween lights, then consider changing the lightbulbs on your house and in your yard. A green light bulb will go a long way to giving your house an eerie vibe.

5. DIY Paper Bats

If you want to get crafty (by yourself or with kids!) you can make a colony of paper bats to use around the house. Bats are a fun and easy decoration to have without being too creepy for any little ones. Hang them from the ceiling, attach them to light fixtures, or put them on the outside of the house like they are flying away.

6. Witches Hats & Broomsticks

Witches are often associated with Halloween, so why not play on some well-known witch accessories and pretend you have one or two living at home? Leave a witchy-looking broomstick standing up by the door, or prop a witches’ hat on a small table in the entryway. If you really want to go with the witch theme, you can also buy a smoking cauldron.

7. Eyes on the Door

Eyeballs are another common Halloween decoration you can use to deck out your home for the holiday. There are lots of spooky eyeball decorations out there, but a fun idea - especially if you have little kids of your own or in the neighbourhood - is to decorate your door with a pair of huge eyes. You can make them big and googly or more narrowed and villainous depending on the look you’re going for. Want to go the extra mile? Turn your door into a monster! Do a quick online search for some easy ideas.

Halloween is a lot of fun for all ages. So this year, don’t just decorate yourself with a costume - spend a little time to make your house a little spookier too!

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