8 hidden costs of moving
Hidden costs of moving

You’ve found your dream home, signed all the paperwork, settled the finances and are ready for moving day. You’re one step closer to kicking your feet up in your new living room after a long day of lifting furniture (or directing others where to put it). But, what many people tend to overlook is the costs associated with moving day – we know, another thing to consider in this already-stressful process. That’s why we’re here! Planning for the hidden costs of moving will help it sting a little less when you go to pay the pizza guy after you just wrote a cheque for the movers.

Here are 8 hidden costs to consider on your moving day:

1. Hiring a moving company. This might not be a “hidden cost” per se, but there are extra costs that can be added to your bill depending on where you’re moving to. If the movers are going to have to climb ten flights of stairs, or if their moving vans can’t be parked on the street of your house, they could charge you more. When choosing a moving company, pick one that will do a thorough walk-through of everything so that they give you an accurate estimate on the cost, and won’t demand a big deposit before the move even happens. You can also save money if you choose to pack your own boxes, instead of paying them to.

Tip: Your belongings are covered for damage and theft under your home insurance while you move (and if you have to temporarily store them in a storage unit up to 90 days).

2. Moving specialty items. Maybe you’ve decided to forgo the moving company and try the DIY route. You’ll have to consider the bigger, heavier “specialty” items that you might have to hire someone to professionally move. These items include pianos, fragile chandeliers, gym equipment, or hot tubs. There are moving companies that are specific to these items that will know how to properly handle them and get them from point A to point B.

3. Tipping the movers. If you’re hiring movers, it’s usually custom to tip them after all of the furniture is in place. If you’re recruiting friends and family, a 2-4 of beer will probably do the trick.

4. Renting a moving truck. If you’re moving everything yourself and renting a moving truck, there will be extra costs associated with that. You’ll likely have to fill the tank a few times, you might want extra insurance, the cost per kilometer could increase depending on how far you’re going, etc.

Tip: You might be covered for driving the rental truck under your current auto insurance policy if you have coverage for damage to a non-owned vehicle (which is usually an added coverage).

Boarding your pets. If your four-legged family members are prone to anxiety, you might have to put them in a kennel for the day/night. It also might help having them out of the way during the move (…less to keep your eye on).

6. Food, food and more food. Think of all the calories you’re going to burn by lifting and moving couches, chairs and bookshelves all day! It’ll be important to fuel up with a hearty lunch (take-out, obviously) and some snacks.

7. New furniture. This one seems obvious, but we’re talking about those unexpected (and arguably the most frustrating) instances when you need to buy new furniture. For example, if your couch doesn’t fit through your door frame, or your living room isn’t as big as you thought it was and you end up having to buy a new couch.

8. Setting up new utility accounts. Unfortunately, setting up your utilities, like hydro, gas, cable or internet, may have a start-up fee at your new place. There could also be labour fees involved if someone has to come to the property.

Among all of these hidden fees you might encounter, MovingWaldo is here to make your move a little easier. It’s a service (available only in Quebec, Ontario and B.C.) that allows you to change your address for multiple accounts and subscriptions all in one place. You just log in, update your old address to your new one, and it’ll update everything else for you. And, the best part is: it’s free. No hidden costs.

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