5 storage ideas to make the most of your space
Home storage ideas

If you’ve decided to downsize and give the condo life a go, adjusting to the confines of a smaller space can be a challenge. But there are ways to make the most of your place, regardless of the square footage. Here are our favourite tips on optimizing storage for smaller condos!

1. Hanging storage

Hanging things on the wall can free up a lot more space than you might think. Try to hang anything that comes in pairs or multiples – shoes, pots and pans in the kitchen, utensils, jewellery – the list goes on. Not only will it be easier to find these things once they are hung up, they’ll be out of the way and can free up some prime real estate on kitchen counters or in closets. Hanging these items will also help you keep a good inventory of your personal belongings. Even though they should be covered under your policy if they get damaged in the event of a loss, it’s a good idea to keep track of everything (especially the expensive stuff). Just in case!

Alternatively, use hanging storage units or organizers that can easily be hung up behind doors, in closets or above counters in kitchens. Feeling creative? DIY and hang items in a fun way using baskets, rope, painted tin cans… whatever fits your aesthetic. And, in the event of a loss (let’s say – a flood or a fire), you might be covered under your condo policy for damage that happens to any improvements or unit installments you’ve made.

TIP: If there’s just not enough wall space, store small appliances that you don’t use often in a storage locker. And just a heads up, your personal belongings that are in storage are still covered by your condo insurance policy.

2. Under bed storage

Beds can take up a lot of room in small spaces – but don’t feel like you should sacrifice your luxury king-size mattress for extra storage room. Utilizing the space underneath your bed is the way to go! There’s plenty of options that have multiple functionalities and will end up solving more than one problem. For example, if you don’t have room for a dresser, there’s bedframes with drawers you can put your clothes in. You can also use baskets, boxes or plastic storage units for more long-term storage items that you don’t need every day.

Depending how much time and resources you have, you could also DIY loft-style or Murphy beds – but we’d only recommend this if you have really limited space.

TIP: If you plan on building your own bedframe, loft bed or Murphy bed, be sure to do so in a safe way. Make sure everything is installed properly (especially if guests will be using it). Should anything go wrong, your liability coverage will have your back.

3. Under table storage

Hear us out with this one… you can use wicker baskets or cool, vintage crate boxes that fit under tables to store things. You can “hide” them under side tables in your bedroom, or coffee tables in the living room. It’s a great way to utilize storage that isn’t so obvious!

4. Bike storage

Chances are, if you’re a city dweller you own and rely on a bike to get around. If not, you might be holding off because, well – where in the world do you store it? Cyclists are often stuck with leaving their bikes outside, leaving at risk for theft (which, by the way, is covered under your condo policy up to a certain amount). Hanging bike racks are also a great storage option for cyclists. They can be pretty affordable and easy to install, and can save you some extra hallway or closet space!

TIP: If your bike is on the pricier side, you might have to add it to your policy as a special belonging. Also, if you own a car while living in a condo, you might be able to save on your insurance premium by bundling your policies!

5. Recycle it

Donating and recycling your belongings is a sure-fire way to free up space. Your condo can’t get cluttered if there’s nothing to clutter it! Purge your closet and donate any old clothes, or even try using buy and sell websites to sell appliances, gadgets, or other things you don’t use any more. While some items might be hard to part with, you’ll feel a lot better with less clutter (we promise).

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