Choosing the best kitchen tile pattern with Tiffany Pratt
Picking kitchen tile pattern

You may be surprised at what a huge impact tiling can have on your kitchen! Whether it’s making the space look bigger or adding a cool optical effect to help your kitchen stand out, the right kind of tile patterns can make a kitchen pop. And it’s not just the floor tile we’re talking about – it’s backsplashes and countertops as well. You’ve got a lot to choose from beyond the ubiquitous subway tile pattern – these days there are scallops and hex patterns, just to name a few. As an added bonus, switching up the tile in a kitchen can be a “facelift” that quickly and easily refreshes the entire space.

There’s also the materials to consider when you’re shopping for the best kitchen tiles. Certain tile materials are better than others for different purposes; as K!tchn points out, glass tiles will look great as a backsplash, but won’t be functional at all as a floor. Plus, it’s smart to think about the amount of wear and tear that can happen in a kitchen, particularly if you have a family (think about those floors!) or you’re an avid host (think about how many spills could happen!). It’s all about being practical, and considering the lifespan of your kitchen. Then after you’ve determined the material you want to work with, you can start thinking about what pattern would work for which space, as well as what your budget should be. (Don’t forget to put aside a solid amount of budgeting for good installation! It’s better to splash out on proper installation rather than a fancy type of tile)

If you’re still unsure where to start when it comes to choose the best tile pattern for this vital space in your home, you’re in luck – we’ve got HGTV star Tiffany Pratt to give her suggestions on what tiles to use in a home kitchen.

What are some good tile patterns for people to use in a kitchen space?


The sky is the limit! There are so many magical tiles out there — all I recommend is that you fall in love with something! You will be looking at them every day — so you must LOVE them!

Which tiles did you choose in your kitchen and why?


I decided not to use tiles for my backsplash and to do install the same quartz on the backsplash as I did on the countertops. It’s a return of the same material up the backsplash and it gives my small and traditional kitchen a little modern twist.

What tile trends do you think are becoming more popular?


I think that the trends are no trends. I feel that we should live, design and create spaces for families and ourselves that feel the best. You should love where you live, what is in it and how it is assembled - regardless of trends.

What tips do you have for using tiles to make a small kitchen look bigger?


PATTERN! The bigger the better!

What do you wish more people knew about kitchen tiling?


I wish people spent a little time to explore the large variety, huge array of styles, textures and colours that are available. The sky is the limit with tiling! Unlimited possibilities! ENJOY!

Tiffany Pratt is a paid spokesperson of Sonnet Insurance.

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