6 holiday traditions to start for your home
Little boy picking out holiday tree

From Vancouver to Halifax, Canadians celebrate the holidays in different ways. But whether you’re settling into a new place, or you’re a long-time fixture in your neighbourhood, the holidays are a great time to create some new traditions that are unique to you and your home! Here are a few fun ideas – with added tips for protecting your stuff – that might spark some inspiration.

Staple holiday appetizer or drink

Time to stretch your culinary muscles and get creative with holiday eats! Add a twist to mom’s classic recipes, or scour the Internet to bring a new holiday appetizer to the table. Whatever it is, make it unique to what you love most. Alternatively, a holiday drink like spiked apple cider could be a tradition that all your guests will appreciate.

Tip: Assuming your holiday drink becomes a crowd-favourite, make sure any guests who might have had one too many have a safe ride home planned for the night.

Take a midnight drive

Not just any midnight drive – grab some friends or neighbours and take a drive around the block to see which houses have the most extravagant lights and decorations. It’s a great way to explore your area and chances are you’ll come across a neighbourhood who make a sport out of this.

Tip: Drive with ease by making sure you have proper snow tires and brushing up on some tips on driving in the snow!

Out with the old, in with the new

This tradition is key for keeping your place clutter-free. For every new gift received, donate the same number of old clothes, gadgets, appliances or any other “stuff” to your local thrift store. It’s a good way to clear out any junk and start fresh for the New Year!

Tip: Received a gift that’s on the pricier side? Make sure it’s protected. Read up on how to look after your most expensive stuff.

Rekindle your relationship with nature

Living in a city can deprive you of the wonders of the great Canadian outdoors. Why not make it a tradition to go country-bound and visit a tree farm to cut down your own tree? Embrace all that winter has to offer by making a day out of it.

Tip: Keep those fresh pine aromas lingering! Ensure your tree isn’t a fire hazard by watering it regularly and positioning it at a safe distance from any heat sources.

Hibernation day

Alternatively, a much-needed and well-deserved tradition could be dedicating a whole day to staying indoors. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the busy malls or backed up traffic on icy roads. We recommend board games by the fireplace, complete with takeout and wine, or rewatching a holiday movie on the couch.

Tip: If you’re planning on using your fireplace, keep an eye out on your chimney. Make a point to clean it out on a regular basis and vacuum up remaining debris after using to avoid the risk of a house fire. For more winter-friendly tips, read up on prepping your home this season.

The countdown

Why leave the thrill of advent calendars for kids? Get creative with how you count down to the big day. Enjoy a new coffee or tea brew for each day with a DIY advent calendar. You could even try a new workout every day in preparation for the holiday feasts – but we’ll leave that one up to you.

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