Brent Burns’ top 3 tips to keep up your defence at home
Brent Burns, NHL player

As an NHL® All-Star defenceman, Brent Burns understands the importance of being ready for anything. Here are three lessons you can learn from Burns’ game to keep your home in the same tip top shape.

Lesson #1:

Preparation is rewarding

"Preparation is rewarding – knowing you’ve done everything you can to be ready to go puts you in a better place physically and mentally.
Brent Burns

The same is true off the ice. Take the time to inspect things around your home so you can rest easy. Here are a few key ways you can be prepared:

✓  test fire extinguishers and smoke / carbon dioxide detectors once a month

✓  test and clean sump pump monthly if it is used regularly otherwise, check quarterly

✓  test shut-off valves for leaks once a year

✓  check that exterior drainage slopes away from foundation or windows at the beginning of each season

✓  check roof for damage or leaks at least twice a year

✓  update appliance water lines with braided stainless steel to avoid hose ruptures

Lesson #2:

Training and conditioning are key

"Taking care of your body physically is huge in our sport with an 82 game schedule. It’s been so important to learn about that from training staff and our strength and conditioning coaches.
Brent Burns

Burns knows the importance of being in peak physical condition, and we can recommend a few maintenance routines for your home to help avoid future problems. Here are a few things you should be doing:

✓   service air conditioner

✓  before winter, service furnace and replace filters at least every 3 months

✓  service hot water tank once a year

✓  check trees for dead limbs or interference with power lines

✓  remove dead plants/shrubs

✓  check plumbing for leaks on a regular basis

✓  keep an eye on locks and deadbolts to make sure they’re working properly

Lesson #3:

Stay on the defensive

"It all starts when the puck is in your zone. If you can stop the other team from attacking and get the puck to your forwards, it’s a lot easier for them to create offense and ultimately score goals.

Brent Burns

Just like Burns, address problems around your home as soon as possible to make sure they don’t get worse. Here are a few key areas in need of regular maintenance:

✓  repair decks, patios, fences

✓  clean gutters in late spring and again in the fall, clear gutters

✓  clean chimney by a professional before first use of the season

✓  clean dryer and oven range hoods at least once a year

✓  clean ducts by a professional every few years

Bonus lesson:

Make sure you’re covered

"You don’t think about insurance until you need it – and then you really hope you have it. I think it’s always important to cover yourself.

Brent Burns

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