7 ways to improve your home security
Cozy living room protected by home security

You know that saying, “you can never be too prepared?” It definitely applies when it comes to protecting your home from theft. It’s important to take the right home security measures to prevent thieves from getting their hands on your stuff!

We’ve put together a list of steps you can take to help reduce the risk of a break-in:

1. Save your social media vacation updates for when you get back home

In a world where we share everything online, you should know that thieves will often turn to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see who’s posting photos of themselves at the airport or on the beach while their home sits vacant. You can prevent your social media feeds from becoming online shopping channels for thieves by saving your vacation updates for when you get back. (It’s also a good idea to avoid posting pics of your most valuable items.)

2. Keep your valuables out of sight

If you live in a house, stand outside and see how many valuable items are within view. Are you able to see things like your flat screen TV, laptop, gaming system or your expensive stereo system? Thieves love to window shop, so be sure to keep those valuable items out of view from the street. This also applies to discarded TV or computer boxes when you put out the recycling. Break the boxes down and put them in your recycling bin so it’s not so obvious there’s some shiny new tech in your home. If you’d rather not re-arrange your room, you can always try to make it a habit to close your blinds or currents while you’re away to prevent any thieves looking in.

3. Invest in a home security system

Whether you go for the most basic model or top-of-the-line, a home security system is one of the best ways to make would-be thieves think twice about targeting your home.

4. Lock your windows

You always remember to lock the doors when you leave the house but do you remember to lock the patio doors and windows as well? These are common entry points for thieves that are often forgotten about.

5. Have someone check on your place when you’re away

Nothing says “hey, we’re not home” like an overflowing mailbox or a bunch of newspapers piled up on your front stoop. While you’re away, have a neighbour or friend come by daily to pick up your mail and any flyers left on your front stoop. (Better yet, have the post office hold your mail until you come back.) If you’re away for a longer period of time, have someone mow your lawn or shovel your walks.

6. Trim trees and bushes around windows and doors

Overgrown greenery can provide cover for someone looking to break in to your home. Help deter thieves (and improve your curb appeal!) by trimming back trees and bushes around all entry points.

7. Make your place look lived in

Put your lights on timers while you’re away. Make sure the time settings are in line with your usual daily routine.

Most thieves are going to look for the easiest opportunities to break in to your home and the quickest ways to get out. Taking away as many of those opportunities as possible will make your home a less attractive target and improve your overall home security.

Protect your home and the things you love most.