Home Insurance 101: Coverage you didn’t know you had

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what is covered and what isn’t covered in your home insurance policy. While it’s important to review your policy once a year or so, we’ve got seven things that you might not have realized you’re already covered for.

Personal Belongings

The personal belongings of a parent living in a long-term care facility. This means that if your mom or dad is living in a long-term care facility – like a retirement or nursing home – their personal belongings are covered up to a certain limit under your home policy.

... And those of a child away at school. If your child just went away to university or college, their belongings might be protected under your home policy – including expensive laptops or those not-so-cheap textbooks. Check in with your insurance company, prior to them moving out, to see where you’re covered.

Stuff in the garage and the garden shed. Any belongings stored in either of those are also protected.

Did you know? Theft of any personal belongings from your car are covered under your home policy (even if it’s not parked in your garage).

Liability Coverage

Volunteering. Your liability coverage is extended during your efforts as a volunteer. If you accidently break something or injure another volunteer while working hard at a local food bank, your liabilty coverage should extend as part of your home insurance policy to cover you.

Cemetery plots. A little morbid – we know – but you’re actually covered for liability here. If you purchased a plot, it is considered your property – your liability coverage should protect and cover damages up to a certain limit from unexpected incidents.


Identity theft. In the seldom case that this happens, your home insurance policy should have you covered. Your insurer could reimburse you for legal fees (or loans needed for legal fees), lost wages during the time it takes to sort the issue out, and even expenses for replacing legal documents (like a driver’s license or passport). If you’re insured with Sonnet, identity theft coverage is included in all home policies, but be sure to check in with your insurer!

Going green. In the event of a claim, your insurer could cover the costs to replace insured property with environmentally friendly or energy efficient products. At Sonnet, we acknowledge going-green efforts – we can cover costs up to the limits on your policy to replace your old stuff.

Did you know? Most of this also applies to tenant insurance (if you’re a renter)! Read more about how you’re covered as a tenant, here.

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