Creating a home you love with Tiffany Pratt
Tiffany Pratt, Designer

Photo Credit - Lauren Kolyn

Tiffany Pratt fell in love with beautiful things at a young age. Today that appreciation for beauty has carried through to her day-to-day work. As a designer, stylist, maker and author she’s trained to see the exquisite in the unexpected. Her style mixes old with new and merges elegant with livable. Above all she lives and breathes her truth that “this can be beautiful.”

Over the years, I’ve learned one very important lesson - a home laced in happiness, thoughtfulness and love will stand the test of time and never go out of style. We all want to feel joyful when we go home and there’s nothing that I love more than walking through the front door.

My friends at Sonnet have inspired me with their fresh, optimistic approach to insurance and asked me to share my tips so that everyone can get that feeling of pure bliss when they enter their space. My home (a.k.a. The Glitter Suite), has gone through a year-long face lift, making it the perfect time to share my lessons and to remind you to protect the things you love. Your home is a reflection of you, your passions and the life you’ve built: you want to protect that in case of an accident. I know that these ideas will create joy and everlasting happiness in the way you live.

Your home is a reflection of you, your passions and the life you’ve built...

Step #1 - If you don’t need it or love it, get rid of it

Think of the objects that you surround yourself with as an active agent for change. Truly, if you don’t need it or love it—then get rid of it. The dresser that will not properly close and the rug that you keep tripping on can be fixed if you love them. But if you don’t—it is time to pass them off to someone who will. If you have piles of stuff taking up physical or mental space in corners of your home or on top of your surfaces, it’s time to face the music and ask yourself these questions: Do I need it? Do I love it? Why? Decluttering your life will declutter your mind. Creating space for yourself or something better is a great way of activating joy.

Step #2 - Old can be new again

I’ve built a career mixing and matching old objects with new creative ideas. It’s not wizardry or magic. I love using what I have and re-loving it by giving it a new life with a fresh coat of paint or a new home. What I love about this idea is that you’re using your own two hands to fill your home with your time, love and energy. It inspires others and pushes you forward to keep making, trying and doing new things in your home and in your life. So, why not paint that desk? What about your ceiling? Want to paint that teal? Go ahead! Upholster that chair? Yes, you can! If you’re inspired, see a picture of something you want—then make it happen. Every day is a celebration of life and your home should be an expression of how you live and what you love! Go for it!

Step #3 - Nature and nurture

Sometimes the most simplistic yet effective way to create a home is by adding an element of nature and nurture in your space. Start by buying yourself some fresh flowers and dressing up your counter or bedside table with a cheerful display. If you’re looking for a little more, why not take care of some plants? They have feelings too and can make any room feel fresh and alive! Plants love a good conversation and they love to be touched and tended to. The natural oxygen and energy they share is worth the investment alone.

Step #4 - Learn what you love

The last tip that I can share from my journey is to really know what you LOVE. These things may have shifted over the years and your style may have changed—so start assembling this new list of loves with the most current you! Pictures, art, objects and family antiques are just a few examples of what this could be. Many of these items will come into play as you assemble each room piece by piece. If you love orange, mid-century modern furniture with a load of neutral and textural elements, check-in with those things as you collect and assemble your space. Tap into what brings you a light lift of happiness in your heart and make sure those things surround you. Forget about following a “style” and just follow your heart.

Forget about following a style and just follow your heart.

So, that concludes my tips! This journey may require a deep dive and a little leg work—but trust me—now that I’ve done it my life is better in every way. I’ve done for myself what I’ve helped my clients achieve and now I’m sharing it with you! Stop making excuses and live your best life. Do it now! What are you waiting for?




Tiffany Pratt is a paid spokesperson for Sonnet.

Protect your home and the things you love most.