Moving Day with Phillip Danault
Moving boxes in a living room

NHL® player Phillip Danault knows a few things about moving – having relocated three times in his life for the love of hockey. As a seasoned pro, Phillip isn’t daunted by the stress of playoff games – or moving – so we caught up with him to get a few tips. 

What’s the best and worst part about moving?

Danault: It’s a fresh start – I love exploring a new area and new restaurants. Of course, prepping for a move is the worst part. I really don’t like packing, so I listen to music to make it fun. 

Tip: Whether you’re avoiding the packing kernels or any other part of moving, take a page out of Phillip’s playbook and find a way to make it fun. Host a moving party, have family and friends help on the big day, or simply toast to a successful move with a glass of bubbly.

When hunting for a new place, what’s the most important thing you look for?

Danault: Location. I want to be close to great food and the arena. I also want a great living room. We spend a lot of time relaxing with the dog and watching movies there. But, most importantly my wife needs to love it.

Tip: Be realistic about what really matters so that you don’t pass up the right space for you simply because it doesn’t check every box on your list. 

What is the one thing you’d never move without?

Danault: My wife and my dog (of course). But I’d also never leave behind my gaming console.

What’s your number one recommendation for someone who’s just moved?

Danault: Meet your neighbours! I met the love of my life in the first place I lived in Victoriaville, Quebec – she lived right next door to me.

Tip: Getting to know your neighbours could drastically improve your move. You’ll feel safer knowing the people around you and with just a few conversations you can learn lots about your new area. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find romance, but more likely, you’ll make a few new friends.

We have to ask: Do you have insurance?

Danault: Of course – it’s super important to us that our stuff is protected. I’ve had coverage since my first place, but now my wife takes care of all that. It’s great for Sonnet customers to have access to a fully online insurance solution; it really puts the customer in control.

Tip: Tenants need coverage too – and it doesn’t just cover your stuff. It can protect you in ways you never even knew you needed. Learn more about why you need tenant insurance.

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