Quebecers: What’s your neighbourhood personality?
Quebec City in the winter

Find out what neighbourhoods in Quebec City and Montreal are best for you.

Every neighbourhood has its own unique characteristics – and there’s bound to be one that’s the perfect fit to your personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid foodie, the outdoorsy type, a social butterfly, a creative soul or all about family, there’s a neighbourhood that’s just right for you.

The Foodie

You’re constantly seeking new food and drink experiences. You have a running “best of” list and can give recommendations on demand. Your idea of good conversation is discussing the fresh, in-house or local ingredients of your latest dining experience.

Where you should live in Quebec City

Old Port. This neighbourhood boasts plenty of restaurants to explore. For restaurant quality dinners at home, stop in at the Marché du Vieux-Port for fresh fruits, veggies, local bread, cheeses, meats, seafood and maple products.

Also explore: Limoilou. Full of charm, Limoilou offers low-key bistros and a variety of ethnic restaurants tucked away on scenic streets. This neighbourhood is great for exploring lesser known, unique and delicious places to eat.

Where you should live in Montreal

Parc-Ex. This neighbourhood is known as the place to go for authentic Indian and Greek, but there are so many other cuisines as well. You’ll also find the Jean-Talon Market with fresh produce and specialty stores for inspired dishes at home.

Also explore: Plateau. Plateau is a must visit for any foodie. It’s booming with plenty of food options for those on a budget or looking to splurge.

The Adventurer

In short, you love staying active and being outdoors in the name of being healthy. Walking or biking is your preferred way to get around and you’re a regular at local parks and gyms. Your juicer gets a work out as often as you do.

Where you should live in Quebec City

Charlesbourg. Almost 60% of this modern suburb is agricultural or wooded, offering some of the best recreational potential of any neighbourhood. Explore hiking trails in the Verveines Park and or take a walk through the forest in the Montagne-des-Roches park. In winter, get out on the ski slopes, or try snowshoeing.

Also explore: Beauport. This historic borough is surrounded by nature. Spend your time outdoors at the Bay of Beauport, the Beauport Outdoors Centre or the Beauport River Park.

Where you should live in Montreal

Plateau. A trendy Montreal neighbourhood, Plateau balances the convenience of urban living with the tranquility of green space. Expect an impressive number of parks in such a small space like the Mont Royal and Parc La Fontaine.

Also explore: Lachine.  Enjoy more than 20 kilometres of park along the Lac Saint-Louis waterfront. Lachine is the perfect neighbourhood for those who love to walk, bike or spend time outdoors. For those who love to run, the Lachine Canal a must-try course in the area.

The Socializer

Your calendar is never empty. Whether it’s a casual meet up with friends or taking on whole new experiences, you’re always looking to interact with others. You love bustling, lively spaces, adapt to any situation and are often the life of the party.

Where you should live in Quebec City

Grande Allée.​ Day or night, you’ll always find something to do in this neighbourhood. Grande Allée boasts the best nightlife, plenty of plenty of casual dining options and it’s always filled with people.

Also explore: Saint-Roch.One of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, Saint-Roch is vibrant and known for trendy restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Where you should live in Montreal 

Mile End. Known for it’s art scene, café culture, trendy hangouts and nightlife, Mile End has a great vibe with no shortage of things to do.

Also explore: Griffintown.This neighbourhood is reinventing itself as a trendy place to live. You’ll find plenty of new condos, restaurants, bars and boutiques. It’s destined to become the next influential fashion, music and arts district. Plus, you won’t be far from the city’s events and festivals.

The Creative

You’re curious and non-conforming. You spend your free time supporting local talent, honing your own skills in the studio or searching for inspiration. You love personality and you want your neighbourhood to reflect that too.

Where you should live in Quebec City

Saint-Roch.An avant-garde neighbourhood, where you’ll find 150-year old factories turned unique restaurants, bars, and boutiques. You’re in the company of many other artists, musicians and fashionistas here.

Also explore: Montcalm. This neighbourhood boasts plenty of personality. You’ll find gallery spaces and street artists tucked between some of the most interesting bars and restaurants.

Where you should live in Montreal

Mile End. This artistic neighbourhood is known for its culture and is home to artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers. You’ll find no shortage of art galleries, designers’ workshops, boutiques and cafes.

Also explore: South West. This up and coming area is in the midst of an identity change and full of creative energy. Between living in converted warehouse lofts and hunting through antique, second-hand and specialty shops there is no shortage of personality.

The Family

Your everyday life is busy. Between sports games, dance recitals and walking the dog - you’re a fan of convenience and open spaces. Whether you’re new to raising little human beings or have a house full of teens, the term family-friendly has never been so important.

Where you should live in Quebec City

Lévis. This neighbourhood has been ranked as one of the best places to raise a family in all of Canada. Already home for many young families, Lévis offers accessible transit and is still close to downtown Quebec city.

Also explore: Boucherville. An inviting suburban neighbourhood not far from the Saint-Lawrence River that offers local parks, community centres, beautiful family homes and is considered very safe.

Where you should live in Montreal

Villeray. Described as friendly and active, Villeray is ideal for families looking for a small-town rural neighbourhood with easy access to downtown. You’ll find well-maintained parks, bike paths and walkways, good schools and accessible transit.

Also explore: Rosemont. This spacious and cost-effective neighbourhood offers plenty of restaurants, cafes, green space, and parking – making it popular for young families.

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