Man and woman taping up moving boxes

9 things that will move you… about moving!

1. Saying “goodbye” to your old neighbours

You know the one. Always coming to tell you that your guests’ cars are parked awkwardly, who cranks the music way too loud, and locks his bike by your front gate. Well, the time has finally come to turn the page and say farewell, amigo!

2. Ordering 4 extra-large pizzas guilt-free

If you prefer your mother-in-law’s healthy sandwiches and snacks to a cheese and pepperoni pie, you’re entirely missing the point of Moving Day. The tradition calls for eating it right out of the delivery box, firmly sitting on a two-four. There’s simply no substitute! On July 1st in Quebec, calorie-counting is strictly forbidden.

3. Finally: real storage space!

No more skis in the front hall closet and jars of your mom’s famous spaghetti sauce in the bedroom closet. Your new home has suitable storage space, so your sporting equipment can now be properly put away and your mom can keep sending more jars!

4. Let there be light… 

Isn’t wonderful to wake up early in the morning and feel warm rays shining through directly into your bedroom? Say goodbye to your shaded alley and take advantage of all that sunlight in your new space. Give your green thumb a workout! Growing your very own herbs on the window sill or seeing your ever-suffering hibiscus thrive at last, is simply magical.

5. Taking an emotional trip down memory lane

You’ll no doubt find yourself sitting in a corner of your room sifting for hours through that box filled with old photos, precious letters or outfits from your past. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry reliving some of those nostalgic moments from your youth.

6. Hosting a housewarming party among friends

There’s never a bad reason to invite friends over to your place, but making yourself at home in a new neighbourhood is definitely a great way to kick off summer! What’s more fun than getting the patio and backyard spruced up for an epic party?

7. Putting on a fresh coat or redecorating your room

You’re in a brand new space, why not make it truly yours? You don’t need an extreme makeover, but it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint or new decor can do to make you feel like you’ve hit the reset button.

8. Grilling up a storm on your new patio

Want to get the neighbourhood talking about your grilling skills? Fire up the BBQ the day after the move and fill the air with smoky goodness! There’s nothing quite like the first official meal outdoors with your significant other, roommates or simply enjoyed alone with a cold beverage.

9. Meeting your new neighbours

You bid farewell to the old ones… time to meet your new neighbours! Invite them over for a drink and drop by to introduce yourself. Who knows? It may be the start of a beautiful friendship or a life-long love affair…

For all those who are about to move, we hope this special time in your life is filled with joy. There are certainly countless moments along this journey that are bound to move you. Embrace it!


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