Embracing the summer staycation

More and more Canadians are choosing to vacation close to home this year – chalk it up to a weaker loonie. And that’s okay because there’s plenty of fun to be had right in your own backyard.

Kicking back in your own backyard.

Here are some fun ways to get the most out of your summer staycation:


Hang out by the pool.

Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and a paperback and head for the nearest outdoor pool - then close your eyes and pretend you’re on a beach surrounded by palm trees. If you happen to have your own pool, even better! Just make sure the little ones are always supervised by an adult and keep your pool covered when it’s not in use to prevent kids and pets from falling in.

Get grilling.

There’s nothing like a backyard barbecue to kick off the warmer weather! Of course, if you’re truly a die-hard griller you probably won’t let a few snowflakes or sub-zero temperatures come between you and your steak. (Here’s a helpful tip: To check for propane leaks, apply soapy water to connections. If you see bubbles, it means you have a leak. Don’t use the barbecue until it’s fixed.)

Outdoor movie.

Invest in a small projector that you can use to project your favourite flicks on the side of your house, garage or garden shed. Pretend you’re a New Yorker catching an outdoor movie under the stars in Central Park.

Tip: Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the backyard. Use your staycation to rediscover all the great offerings of your community or act like a tourist in your own city by taking in the sites.
Fun fact: The term “staycation” was coined by a Canadian! Comedian Brett Butt used it on the TV show “Corner Gas” back in 2005.

Make sure your backyard (and the house that goes with it) is covered. Get a quote.