Greater Montreal… a suburb for every personality
Downtown Montreal
Every suburb surrounding Montreal has its own unique characteristics, offering a mix of regional parks, cultural events, and world-class dining. With so many places to choose from, there’s bound to be a spot that’s perfect fit to your personality and lifestyle. Moving can be exciting and life-changing, especially when you’re planning to move somewhere that’s new to you. So, whether you’re planning on leaving downtown Montreal for something a little quieter, or you’re relocating from across country, we’ll help you find a suburb that’s just right for you.

The foodie

You’re constantly on the lookout for new food and drink spots. You’ve got a “best of” list for all types of cuisine, and friends come to you for suggestions on demand. You love discussing your latest feast – from the original spin on a classic dish to the atmosphere that complimented the meal.


This is the place to be if you want to dine with a scenic view. Terrebonne offers many fantastic spots to eat, including bistros alongside the Mille-Îles River. You’ll also find many little restaurants nestled among the centennial houses in the historical core of Old-Terrebonne.

Saint Lambert

Here you’ll discover an abundance of unique restaurants and cafes on the pedestrian-friendly streets. There’s a large variety of cuisines to choose from, including French, Japanese and Italian options. It’s got something for everyone, whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge.

The adventurer

You stay active in the name of being healthy, and spending time outdoors discovering new sights is your favourite way of doing it. Walking or biking is your preferred way to get around, and you’re a regular at local parks. Whatever the season, you’ll be out there exploring.


It’s an hour out of Montreal, but worth the journey if you love being at one with nature. Bois de Belle Riviere is a huge park in Mirabel that hosts numerous activities year-round, such as disk golf, cross-country skiing and horseback riding. There are so many trails within the park borders – you’ll never get bored of exploring the forests.


The city describes itself as a “city of nature, art and heritage” and sits at the bottom of Mont-Saint-Hilaire (its namesake). The mountain opens up the chance for some serious hiking, as well as the option to snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter. It’s also renowned for its diversity of wildlife, making it a great place to enjoy some bird-watching and discover whatever else you can find.

The socializer

Your calendar is full, but there’s always room to do more. Whether it’s a casual meet up with friends or joining a new community group, you’re always looking to interact with others. You adapt to any situation and participate in as much as you can. Your ideal day would take place in a lively environment, surrounded by people, having great conversations.


In Rosemère, volunteer groups support a high quality of community life with plenty to be a part of – including a choir, photography club and many sports teams. For a small town, there’s a lot going on, so you’re guaranteed to find something that peaks your interest.


If you’re looking for a lively and welcoming place, Longueil has you covered. There’s events and festivals all year round, including a Winter Party in February, the Longueuil Country Festival in August, and Christmas market in December. Whenever there’s downtime, you can check out the main street (Rue Saint-Charles), which is lined with restaurants, bars and boutiques to keep you busy.

The family man (or woman!)

Your everyday life is busy, and you relish in it. Sports games, dance recitals and walking the dog are part of your daily routine, so you’re a fan of convenience and open spaces. Whether you’re new to raising little human beings or have a house full of teens, the term family-friendly is important to you.


With over 50 parks and 150 green spaces accessible all year round, it’s fair to say there’s plenty of open areas for the kids (and yourself) to let off steam. Plus, there are many facilities to benefit the whole family, such as an aquatic centre for swimming lessons and a community centre for discovering new skills. When school’s out, Repentigny offers summer camps, games, creative workshops, and outdoor interactive shows to keep the kids busy.


Ideal for families looking for a suburb with easy access to downtown Montreal. Within Boucherville, there’s plenty to explore including a skatepark, BMX trail and a youth club that runs daily. Just across the St Lawrence River is Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, which is perfect for family picnics and discovering the great outdoors.

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