5 fitness hacks for working out at home
Fitness hacks for working out at home

With all of the craziness in our everyday lives and our schedules, it can be challenging to find the time to do what’s necessary to make sure that we are staying healthy and happy. However, we all know that taking care of ourselves and our bodies is the most important thing we can do. What we need to figure out is, are we up for the challenge of working out at home?

Here are 5 fitness hacks that will help you save time and energy, sleep better, get you in shape, and take care of your most important resource: your body.

Have a schedule

The most important thing you can do to ensure that you stick to your home exercise routine is to create a schedule. Carve out a specific time on the days you are going to work out; for example, three times per week should be realistic and attainable. If you can set aside more time, then by all means go for it. However, the higher you set the bar at first, the more likely you are to not stick with it. This is usually why so many people with the best intentions fail - for whatever reason, it seems that quitting altogether is easier than scaling back. Be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure.

Have a specific plan

Having a schedule isn’t enough - preparation is key. You need to have an actual workout plan. This means that every workout day has a different workout or area of focus. Having your workouts planned will ensure that you always know exactly what you are working on, on that specific day.

Have your workout outfit set out

Never underestimate the amount of productivity you can gain from simple everyday tasks. By having your workout outfit planned and set out for you in the morning (or whenever you plan on working out), not only will this save you time and energy, it will also not give you an excuse to back out.

Have the necessary equipment and area ready

Seeing as your workouts are going to be from home, your equipment will be minimal. However, much like having your outfits ready to go, having your equipment ready to use in the specific area you will be working out in is equally important. Additionally, you’ll want the area that you are exercising in to be clean and tidy. Not only will having the area free of clutter be good for your mental state, it will also limit the possibility of injuries.

Have a good playlist or a podcast ready

We’ve all been there – all set to go out for a walk or a run, then discover we can’t find our headphones. Major bummer. Having a good playlist could be the difference between a mediocre workout and an amazing workout. If you like to zone out, maybe podcasts are your jam.

Still no idea where to start?

Here are three full body at home workouts plus a core circuit:


  • kitchen chair
  • laundry detergent jug (filled to desired weight)
  • backpack (filled to desired weight)
  • towel
  • * make sure that you are adding enough weight to jugs/backpacks so that your workout is challenging!
    Workout #1

    Reps: 10/side
    Sets: 3-5
    Rest between sets: minimal

    1. kitchen chair step ups with backpack on

    2. kitchen chair push ups

    3. kitchen chair kneeling single arm bent over rows with laundry jug

    4. kitchen chair split squats with backpack on

    5. kitchen chair elbow plank hold with hip extensions

    Workout #2

    Reps: 10/side
    Sets: 3-5
    Rest between sets: minimal

    1. reverse lunges; towel slides on the floor under back foot

    2. push up with a knee tuck; bring knees to chest, with towel under feet

    3. speed skater; slide one leg straight out to the side, with towel under your foot, while you squat to 90 degree angle with opposite leg

    4. hand plank; with towel under one hand slide straight arm out to the side, then straight out in front of you on the floor

    5. back extension with a row; with towel held tightly in both hands above head, lay on your stomach, left your chest and legs while keeping your chin down and bring both arms behind the head, squeeze, then extend and drop

    Workout #3 * bodyweight

    Reps: 10/side
    Sets: 3-5
    Rest between sets: 1-2 minutes

    10 push ups

    10 supermans

    10 mountain climbers

    10 plank jacks

    10 jump squats

    Five minute core circuit

    For time: hold each move for 1 minute
    * try not to touch the floor with knees/hips when transitioning to next move

    1. front plank hold

    2. side plank hold

    3. v-sit hold

    4. side plank hold

    5. superman hold


    Jennifer Slauenwhite is a Fitness Professional and a Mother of two with a passion for health and overall well-being. She has spent her entire life in the fitness industry through many family owned and operated fitness centres and has spent the last decade cultivating a community of strong like-minded women. She strives to set an example for women to be the best they can be by channeling their inner athlete and putting up some healthy competition against themselves! She is also the founder and owner of Queens Fitness Strength & Conditioning Studio for Women in Toronto - follow her on Instagram @queens.fitness or on Facebook @ One Tough Mother By Jennifer Slauenwhite. #leadbyexample

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