Proudly Canadian, Proudly Bilingual
Quebec and Canadian flags waving in the wind

As a proudly Canadian company, we set out to offer a better insurance experience in both national languages. The Sonnet team was recently honoured with a prestigious Mérites du Français Award, presented by the French Language Bureau, recognizing the translation of the Sonnet website and all of our policy-related documents.
Since day one, we’ve incorporated the linguistic mindset of French Canadians to our brand so we could create something that was truly unique and relatable for French-Canadian customers. Our in-house Translation and Marketing teams based in Montreal dedicated countless hours to creating a high-quality French version of the Sonnet experience, and their hard work has been recognized for its excellence.
As a national insurance provider, this award means so much to us, and we’d like to give you a sneak peek at the process that made it all happen.

How did we take the Sonnet experience and culturally adapt it for the French market?

It was a huge undertaking. Our Translation and Marketing teams were motivated to be involved right from the beginning as cultural ambassadors. They tackled every translation from the website, to countless policy documents, modules, training materials, customer correspondence, and much more.

Of course, it was easier said than done. 

There are significant differences in language tone and nuances between English and French. For example, what might sound fun and natural in English may not translate exactly in French. Our translators constantly asked themselves, “Is this how I would talk in real life?” When using a technical term was unavoidable, they made sure to explain it in the simplest way possible. The trick was finding the right balance of sounding professional and conversational, without being overly casual.

We created a truly French-Canadian Sonnet experience.

For the Quebec audience, it was crucial for Sonnet to provide a French experience, especially because of the intricacies of the province’s insurance laws. We also had to keep in mind the provincial differences for French-speaking users across Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario with the help of French-speaking subject matter experts in Montreal. We want French-Canadian customers to feel that every element of Sonnet’s website and products match their specific needs.

We’re proud to provide French-Canadians with fast, fair and clear insurance.

It’s truly an honor to receive such a remarkable award. It recognizes not only the dedication and hard work of our Montreal-based team, but most importantly, the quality of their work. They know first-hand that it’s one thing to translate a document, and an entirely different process to deliver a website with high-quality French language that is relatable and customer-focused.
Here’s what Anne, head of our Translation team, had to say about receiving the award: “We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the language used on the site, which shows French-Canadians that we focus on the customers first. We want customers to feel comfortable using the site because the language is professional, yet simple and understandable, and to know what they are buying, what their choices are, and feel secure throughout the whole experience.”
Way to go #TeamSonnet!

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