Putting you first
Insurance and innovation are two words that you don’t often see in the same sentence – until now.

We’re Sonnet, Canada’s smart new insurance, done completely online. Born from the premise that you deserve a better experience, we set out to transform the way people buy and manage insurance. We recently launched our home insurance offering, with personal auto insurance set to launch later this year.

The choice is yours

Significant customer research stands behind the way we designed and built the Sonnet experience for you. We understand that many people find insurance products too complicated (Sylvestre Marketing Qualitative Research, 2015). We’ve overcome this with plain language to help you understand what you’re buying, and why it’s important.

Our quoting and buying process makes your life simple too. Smart technology and advanced analytics provide an easy insurance experience and transparent pricing options that are personalized for you. The data we use is extremely detailed and precise, so you only need to answer five simple questions, confirm what we know about your home, and get a customized quote in seconds. If you like our quote, you buy with confidence and security immediately using debit, credit card or PayPal.

We’re also the first insurance company in Canada to accept PayPal, giving you an added layer of security and convenience. If you’re not ready to buy, simply save your quote and come back any time.

So much for insurance being difficult and time-consuming (Sylvestre Marketing Qualitative Research, 2015).

Ready when you are

You can update your policy online anytime, on any device and the changes take effect instantly.

Have questions? Our Customer Service team is available by phone, through chat right here on our website, and on social channels to help guide you through the process and answer your questions. 

We’ve redesigned personal insurance, just for you. If you’re looking for more detail on how we’ve changed the insurance experience, check out our news release.

Need insurance? Check out our coverage and get a quote – in 5 minutes!