Sonnet supports Rethink Breast Cancer
Young woman supporting brest cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our support of Rethink Breast Cancer.

Did you know? According to Rethink Breast Cancer, 12.1% of women in Canada can expect to develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Learn more about breast cancer in Canada.

Rethink wants to empower young people who have or are concerned about breast cancer. They bring much-needed education, support and advocacy to a new generation of young breast cancer supporters and those living with it. No pink ribbon required.

What do breast cancer and insurance have in common?

No one wants to talk about insurance or breast cancer. But it’s important that we do. That’s why Sonnet and Rethink are helping to change the conversation. We want to challenge everyone to think differently.

Sonnet has changed insurance by making it simpler and easier. We’re the first fully online home and auto insurer offering customized coverage. And we do it all in language that you can understand. We’re helping you to make smarter decisions and protect what matters most. Rethink is doing the same for breast cancer. It’s the first Canadian charity to bring awareness to women under 40 through new resources, campaigns, events and more.

We understand the importance of protecting Canadians at Sonnet. Sponsoring Rethink to support their cause is another way we can do that, said Roger Dunbar, SVP, Sonnet Insurance.

We rely on partners like Sonnet to educate and engage a new generation of young breast cancer supporters, said MJ DeCoteau, Founder and Executive Director, Rethink Breast Cancer. Together, we can help improve the lives of young women living with breast cancer.

How Sonnet is joining the movement

We’ve joined forces with Rethink through events, content and other opportunities to help bring awareness and support for the cause over the next year. We’ll be kicking off our support with Rethink Breast Cancer’s annual Boobyball fundraiser.

What’s Boobyball? In 2002, a group of young women wanted to show their support for their friend, Sarah O’Regan. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 23 years old. Over the past 16 years, Boobyball has raised over $4.6 million for Rethink Breast cancer.

Attending the event? Embrace the Wild West theme! Get a bold bandana, customized on-site by local artists.

With a new theme every year, Boobyball is now one of the most high-profile events for young fundraisers across Canada. This year’s theme is Wild West, with Rethink bringing southern hospitality and awareness for the cause to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa. So, bust out your cowboy boots and get your tickets for Boobyball!

How you can support Rethink

Attend an event. Donate. Volunteer. There are so many ways you can get involved! No matter how you participate, you’ll be helping to fund research and provide education, support, and awareness for the cause.

About Rethink Breast Cancer

After losing her mother to breast cancer, founder MJ DeCoteau was frustrated by the lack of information available about her own risk factors as a young woman. Many smart, young people were in the dark about breast cancer because they simply weren’t being targeted. So, in 2001, MJ DeCoteau brought together a dream team of Canada’s most innovative, energetic and creative minds to start Rethink Breast Cancer. Learn more about the Rethink story.

Empower and protect yourself. Visit Rethink Breast Cancer to learn more.