Sonnet vs. the other guys: Putting the online insurance experience to the test

At Sonnet, we care enough to change everything about how you buy insurance. That’s why we created a simple and clear online experience that allows you to quote and buy insurance completely online. No lengthy phone calls, confusing terms, or unexplainable price changes. With Sonnet, you can get coverage tailored just for you in as little as five minutes.

How do we do it so fast?

Our award-winning software platform uses a deeper and broader range of real-time data sources than any other competitor in Canada. That means we do the hard work, and pass all of the savings (both time, and price) onto you.

We’re so confident that our online experience is truly the best in the industry, that we’re willing to put it to the test. We asked our friends Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds to compare the Sonnet insurance experience with one of our leading competitors’. As founders and leaders of their own companies in the media and tech industries, Erin and Kevin understand what makes a superior online experience, and the value of putting the customer needs first.

We recently caught up with the couple to capture their thoughts as they tested getting insurance online for their one-bedroom condo in Toronto.

Check out the video below to watch Erin and Kevin’s experience – and who they ended up choosing for their insurance needs.