Team Sonnet is at it again this season!
Team Sonnet
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The Professional Women’s Hockey Player Association (PWHPA) is back in action this fall with four North American tournaments in the Secret® Dream Gap Tour. Check out the full schedule!

PWHPA #TeamSonnet 2022-2023
Play: PWHPA #TeamSonnet 2022-2023

In case this is your first introduction to Team Sonnet, the roster includes several talented and well-known women hockey players – check out the team’s full player roster on the PWHPA website. As a member of the Team Sonnet roster, we’ve got Brianne Jenner here to answer a few questions for us about the PWHPA, her career, and how she views the future of women's hockey. 

What does the PWHPA bring to the world of professional sports?

The PWHPA’s primary goal is to advance professional women’s hockey and create a sustainable, professional women’s hockey league. We recognize that there is currently a a “gap” between what young boys can aspire to and what young girls can. We named our competitive schedule “The Dream Gap Tour” to highlight this issue and we hope to give young female hockey players a league to dream of playing in one day.

What sets the PWHPA apart?

The PWHPA was created by players for players and continues to be led by players. We are focused on providing the best possible environment for our members and give them a platform to share their stories. 

How do you feel about the development of the PWHPA so far?

Since we were founded in 2019 we have made enormous gains. We are extremely proud of the opportunities we’ve provided to our players but most importantly in the positive attention and support we’ve drawn to our cause. 

What can people expect from the upcoming showcases?

Competitive hockey. As the season continues, the rivalries are heating up! We’re looking forward to a very hard fought second half of the season. 

What was the toughest challenge you had to overcome as an athlete?

Injuries are a right of passage for elite athletes. It can be frustrating as a competitor when you find yourself unable to give your full effort when rehabbing an injury. In hindsight, these moments help you develop and grow and I am grateful for having gone through them.

What’s been a career highlight for you so far?

I’ve been lucky to have played on some excellent hockey teams in my career and had many memorable moments. This past Olympic season (2022) was one of the most fun seasons of hockey for me to date. We had a very special group, a great culture and ultimately accomplished our goal at the end of the season. 

How can we encourage more girls to get into playing hockey?

We have to continue to make hockey a more inclusive environment. I also think it’s so important for young girls to see women in the sport. Visibility matters. Having a professional league for young girls to watch, follow, see their idols in action would be a great step! 

What advice would you give to girls who want to get into hockey?

Having fun at the rink should always be a priority. We play our best, and bring out the best in our teammates when we enjoy the experience!



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