Great road trip destinations to see spectacular sunsets
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Looking to see some epic sunsets (and maybe get that perfect shot to post on your social media)? While big cities may have some picturesque rooftops and venues to watch the sun go down, the best sunsets are often seen in nature. So if you’re up for a driving adventure, here are a few road trips across Ontario and Québec that will get you some epic sunset views.

Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario

Just under three hours from Toronto and one hour from London, Ontario, Pinery Provincial Park is famous for its sunsets which are considered to be some of the best not just in the province, but in the country. Pinery Provincial Park is located on the shores of Lake Huron and has 10km of beautiful beach area, where you can watch the sun sink beyond the horizon and light up the sky into a burst of colour. Good to know: Wheelchair-friendly platforms are available in this park as well.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

There’s something special about a sunset overlooking the water, which makes Lake Superior Provincial Park another great place to catch this magical time of day. As one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario, this park is an ideal escape for nature lovers, offering a mix of hiking trails and water activities, plus some really cool Ojibwa pictographs carved into Agawa Rock. If you’re looking to pack your car with some gear and escape to nature for a few days, this is an ideal spot to go. Just make sure you end up on the beach for sundown - you won’t want to miss it. 

Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario

With a reputation as one of the best beach areas and campsites in Ontario, it’s no surprise that Sandbanks Provincial Park is also great for watching the sunset. There are a few benches for viewing, but you can also just grab a seat on the sand dunes to watch the magic happen. Just remember that time spent here does need a bit of advance planning; you need advance reservations for day use and vehicle permits to enter the area, so it’s best to make a day (or even a weekend!) out of your visit.

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, Ontario

If you aren’t really a beach person, there are still some terrific non-beach spots to catch the sunset in Ontario. One of those is the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, which is a hiking area in the Niagara Escarpment. Over a 10km-long route, there are three viewing platforms that offer sunset views over Lake Ontario. Since it’s so high up, you’ll get a beautiful clear view of this daily event. Good to know: The Beamer Memorial Conservation Area is pet-friendly and wheelchair accessible.

Kamourska, Québec

Kamourska is a little town in the Bas St-Laurent region of Québec. The town itself, located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, is considered to be one of the most picturesque in all of Québec, and part of the draw is the incredible sunsets that can be seen in the area. If you happen to visit between May and October, then your sunsets might be even more magical with the inclusion of whales: belugas, mike whales, and harbour porpoises are commonly seen in the area during these months.

Percé, Québec

Another smaller area in the province of Québec that is known for its jaw-dropping sunsets is Percé. It’s located at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and is known for outdoor nature activities like hiking, kayaking, and birding. One of the main attractions here is Percé Rock, a massive rock formation that is described to look like a ship under sail. Beautiful to photograph at the best of times, this rock formation in the bay makes for a stunning feature in Percé sunsets and has given them a reputation as being some of the most beautiful in Canada. 

Champlain Lookout, Québec

One of the most popular lookouts in Gatineau Quebec is Champlain Lookout. Not only is the view here stunning at any time of day but it makes for incredible sunset viewing, especially if there are only a few clouds and you can fully see the sky light up with fiery sunset colours. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike to the lookout; it takes a little over 3 hours on average from nearby Chelsea. You can also drive or cycle up to the viewpoint. Please be mindful of others on the road and keep the schedule (found here) on hand.

Parc Mount Royal

Those in or near Montréal can make the short drive to Parc Mount Royal, only a few minutes away from downtown. While this sunset list has mainly included places outdoors in nature, Parc Mount Royal deserves a spot thanks to its accessibility, but also the fact that it combines being in nature with a beautiful sunset view over the city skyline. It’s a perfect spot to spend the end of the day that’s easily accessible (including by wheelchair) to many sunset-spotters.

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