Take 5 with Ali: Getting to know our Quebec Customer Service Heroes
Customer service person on the phone

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes at Sonnet to make sure you’re getting the best customer service experience possible – no matter where you are in Canada.

We recently took some time to speak with Ali from the Customer Service team in our Quebec office, to learn more about how he’s providing a great experience for our French speaking customers.

1. Have you always lived/worked in Quebec?

Yes, Quebec has always been a large part of who I am. Growing up in Montreal, exposed me to a wonderful French culture which I’m proud to be a part of.

2. How does this help improve the customer service experience for Quebec customers?

Being part of the culture and speaking their language means I understand my customers on a more personal level, ultimately developing a stronger connection and building trust. Customers value when their agents care about their needs, their feelings and the given situation they’re in. Insurance is a subject that is often mysterious and misunderstood, so whenever I interact with customers I try and be clear and thorough.

3. What’s the biggest misconception a customer has when they get in touch with you?

We offer a whole new way to purchase insurance – and most people aren’t very familiar with this. They have a hard time believing that it can really be that fast and easy. They often call us just to confirm that they can in fact get an accurate quote, buy it online and be covered.

4. How do you keep your customers optimistic?

I’m confident in our product and the simplicity of our quoting which in turn makes it easy to walk our customers through each step of the process and helps customers feel more confident. When it comes to helping out with any issues they may be having, being patient and taking the time to fully understand their concerns definitely serves as a virtue and makes the customer on the other end feel reassured that someone is actually listening to them.

5. What are your own expectations when it comes to customer service?

I think it’s important to understand that from a customer perspective, you want to be heard and your time is valuable. I recently had an experience where I called another company and had to first confirm my identity, then was placed on hold for 10 minutes. The agent on the other line came back to me without ever asking why I was calling and began trying to sell me products. Every day at work, I make an effort to do the opposite – I try to get a better understanding of why my customers are calling and how I can serve them better and more efficiently.

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