Sharpen your soccer skills with TFC’s Giovinco and Hagglund
Sharpen your soccer skills with TFC’s Giovinco and Hagglund

Sonnet is all about making things easier – and not just insurance. As proud partners of the Toronto FC, and fans of Sebastian Giovinco and Nick Hagglund, Sonnet is helping you sharpen your soccer skills. Whether you play forward or defense for your team, watch these videos to learn how to take a free-kick, dribble and defend like the pros.

Meet your skills coaches
Sebastian Giovinco

Forward for the Toronto FC

Giovinco consistently inspires fans with his exciting plays. He’s a winner of the MLS Golden Boot, MLS Newcomer of the Year Award and MLS MVP Award.

Learn more about Giovinco.

Nick Hagglund

Defender for the Toronto FC

A first round draft pick in 2014, Hagglund quickly became an integral player on the team. His first year with the team, he started 23 of 25 games and played a key role in getting the team to the MLS Cup.

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Bend it like Giovinco

A free kick is your chance to score a goal without interference from other players – but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Kicking the ball is easy enough, but adding the right spin (or bend) to the ball is the secret to fooling that goalkeeper.

Keys to a great free kick:
  1. Take a running start from a few meters back.
  2. Kick in the middle of the ball.
  3. Use your instep to create the spin.

See Giovinco’s technique in action.

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Defend like Hagglund

They say it for a reason – the best offence is a good defence. While you need to score goals to win, you also need to prevent them. Don’t overlook the importance of learning defensive skills.

Tips for a strong defense:
  1. Lean on your back foot.
  2. Keep your arm out to defend your position.
  3. Be light on your feet.
  4. Bump and move back.

See how defender Nick Hagglund saves his goalkeeper.

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Dribbling skills with Giovinco

Dribbling is essential to playing the game, but it’s also one of the most difficult to master. With practice and confidence, you’ll be able to out maneuver other players and create opportunities to score.

Top dribbling tips:
  1. Speed comes from control.
  2. Keep your eyes ahead of the ball.
  3. Keep the ball close to you.

Check out this essential skill in action with Giovinco.

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