What our innovation award means for you
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How does Sonnet allow you to purchase insurance in minutes and completely online?

Through an award-winning technology and data solution, of course. It starts with Guidewire, a software program that supports the entire policy process and helps automate key functions to allow for fast and secure transactions. We’ve taken Guidewire and layered it with advanced data and analytics to create a simple, clear insurance experience unlike any other in Canada. In fact, we’ve been recognized globally with a Guidewire Innovation Award. No witchcraft or wizardry required to buy insurance completely online.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how we do it.

First, we ask you to provide some basic information. Then the ‘magic’ happens as the Sonnet solution does the rest of the work for you. The Guidewire software pulls in relevant data and analytics and applies it to complex guidelines and rules. Sonnet uses a deeper and broader range of real-time data sources than any other competitor in Canada to provide personalized, detailed quotes to you within minutes. We even check things like weather records and municipal data. Our state-of-the-art data warehouse allows Sonnet customers to get a quote in minutes, a process that usually takes days or weeks.

With all the data processed behind the scenes, you’re presented with three packages that you can customize to your heart’s content. As you make changes to your policy, the Guidewire software takes the new information and updates your quote in real time. The process is transparent every step of the way so you understand your coverage and options. From the website to policy documents, we worked closely with Canadian regulators to provide insurance information that’s clear to you.

Our Guidewire Innovation Award means that Sonnet has been globally recognized by the insurance industry as being on the cutting-edge of this technology to provide a better experience. We make it straightforward and fast because we believe you deserve better.

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