How to keep your dog safe around water
French bulldog on the beach

Once the “dog days” of summer hit, it’s prime time to hit the beach or hop in the pool – and the same goes for your dog! Spending time in water can be great for dogs, especially on particularly hot summer days. Yet not all dog breeds are created equal when it comes to a love of water – some breeds enjoy diving right in, while other smaller breeds might not be so inclined to take a plunge. Before you take your dog for a dip or let them jump in the lake, you should take some precautions first, no matter where you might be swimming.


You might think that all dogs naturally know how to swim, but that isn't always the case. Some may definitely show more hesitancy than others. If it's your dog's first time around water that's deeper than they can stand in, try these techniques first to ease your dog into entering a body of water:

·       Start in a shallow area and work your way up

·       Visit a dog-friendly beach to find the perfect spot

·       Start at the edge of the water and don't force your dog in

·       Once your dog starts to paddle with its front legs, you can gently guide them further into the water

·       Keep their swimming time short and use plenty of positive reinforcements to keep things fun

·       Use a doggy flotation device if you're not sure of their swimming abilities

At the beach

Dog-friendly beaches are quite popular in Canada, and are a great way to get some bonding time in with your pup while you catch some rays in the. summer. While you enjoy the sand and sun with your whole family – Rover included – keep these tips in mind before you set your dog free to enjoy the water:

·       Try not to let your dog drink the water, especially if it's seawater

·       Keep a bowl of freshwater handy for your dog to drink

·       Don't let your dog swim if the water's rough with large waves and strong currents

·       Keep an eye out for fish that have washed ashore – they could make your dog sick if they eat it (the same goes for any other bits of garbage on the shoreline!)

At the pool

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard and have kids, you’re probably taking extra precautions anyway, but don't forget to consider your dog too. You only have to have your back turned for a second, and your pup may jump right in! Instead, stay alert and keep these tips top of mind:

·       Show your dog how to get in and out of the pool safely

·       Never leave your dog unattended around water

·       Make sure the pool is fenced and keep a sturdy cover on top when it's not time to swim

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