Tiffany Pratt’s tips for making your kitchen your own
Tiffany Pratt kitchen design tips

Do you want a beautiful kitchen, but you don’t have a lot of space to work with? Using her own amazing (and small!) kitchen as an example, Tiffany Pratt’s got some tips to help you maximize space and make your kitchen décor your own.

Many city dwellers don’t have a lot of kitchen space. How can they maximize what they’ve got?


Space is a hot commodity and we must be mindful of how we use it! Using the full potential height of each space and being really smart with storage are the most helpful friends. Don’t keep what you don’t use or need and have on display the things you love. You can never go wrong with these tips.

You’ve got a galley kitchen. How did you make it feel bigger and less ominous?


The most important decision I made in my kitchen to create drama and the illusion of space was my marble geometric floor. Just using a wildly patterned floor really changed the look and feeling of this space. Flooring counts!

What personal touches did you add to your kitchen to make it feel special?


I love wallpaper and because most of the walls were covered with cupboards and art—I added paintable wallpaper to the ceiling. It makes the space feel so cozy and I painted it a very pale pink that adds extra warmth to the space.

What are some ways that people can mix modern and traditional décor in the kitchen?


The countertop, backsplash, cupboard and appliance conversation accomplishes this mix in a way that is all your own and totally custom. If you mix equal traditional and modern pieces in any combination that suits your lifestyle and space—you will have mixed the style successfully! There are no rules! It is how you feel!

Where do you recommend people shop for kitchen décor?


I first always recommend shopping what you already have. I feel that we all really have enough and if we repurpose and reimagine what we already have first—then our shopping list ends up smaller because we don’t over buy!

Tiffany Pratt is a paid spokesperson for Sonnet.
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