Why you should buy your home and auto insurance online
Cheery girl on computer buying insurance online
We are constantly innovating technology to better serve our needs. Whether it's making our day-to-day lives easier or disrupting industries as we know them, the way we do things is changing. We wanted to shed some light on how we're using technology at Sonnet to take the pain out of getting insurance, and the benefits of doing it all online. While some technological advances can seem scary, or even invasive, we’re here to prove that it can actually make our lives much easier.

We believed that insurance needed a bit of an upgrade: a faster and easier buying process in a language you can understand. Before us, buying insurance was tedious and complicated and usually involved getting a quote by filling out a lot of unnecessary questions. For example, to get an accurate quote, you had to know the distance from your home to the nearest fire hydrant, or information about your car that required some serious digging into old paperwork. After that, you had to call an insurance agent to set up your policy for you. In a world where you can buy something online and have it delivered by a drone to your house in the same day, this didn’t make much sense.

How is Sonnet’s quoting process different?

Getting a quote and buying with Sonnet takes about five minutes, and then your home or car is instantly insured. During the quoting process, you’ll find that a lot of information on your car or home is auto-filled, for your convenience. We pull your information in a safe and secure way, using the latest security standards and encryption technology. There are no complicated questions or hidden fees, which makes getting a quote less of a hassle. If there are any confusions, you’re not alone – we’re still here to help! You can chat with our customer service team to clear anything up.

Then, using your info and some analytics, we generate your personalized price, and you can pick from three different packages depending on your needs and if you’re eligible. Your quote is also final – the price you get is the price you’ll end up paying (unless you add or remove coverages, or let your quote expire).

How we’re simplifying insurance:

Understanding your insurance is another grey area that we wanted to tackle. By demystifying insurance, we’re empowering Canadians to learn more about their coverage so they can make informed decisions. Instead of relying on a broker to relay information, you’ll be able to read your own policy and know exactly how you’re covered. That way, in the event of a claim, there won’t be any surprises.

We know that insurance jargon isn’t easy to understand, which makes the thought of getting something insured intimidating. By writing our policies (and other resources, like our FAQs) in everyday language, we prioritize transparency and try to clear up any misunderstandings about coverages. We hope to help you grasp what’s covered and what’s not, understand how to prevent claims and provide you with safety tips. Now, we can’t go as far as changing the names of anything, but we did create a handy insurance jargon glossary to give you a quick snap-shot of what the really insurance-y terms mean.

After all of that…

Once you’re insured with Sonnet, your policy can be managed, adjusted, even cancelled online. We created a one-stop-shop online customer dashboard where all your insurance docs can be accessed at any time and can be easily downloaded or printed out. If you want to update or change your coverage – let’s say, for example, that you want to add more water damage coverage to your home insurance – you can easily do this at any time during your policy. Plus, we’re here when you need us. If you need to make a claim, we’ve got a network of 600 claims professionals who are there to help, 24/7.

We’re embracing technology to simplify insurance so you can spend less time worrying about your coverage and more time doing the things you love.

Protect your home and the things you love most.