Help! I requested a password reset, but never received an email.

Be sure to check your junk or spam folder first, just in case the email was directed there. If there’s still no sign of it, there are a couple possible reasons for this:

If you have a Sonnet policy, your account may be attached to another email address or there may be a misspelling. Instructions to reset your password will only be sent when the email address entered matches the email address on your account exactly. If you’re not sure which email address is attached to your account, we can help with that over the phone. 

If you don’t have a Sonnet policy, this will also mean you don’t have a Sonnet account – at least not yet! This is also why a password reset email wasn’t received. During purchasing, you will be invited to set up your Sonnet account.

If you’re looking to access a saved quote, you’ll want to look out for a confirmation email with a link back to your quote. If this email is missing in action, we can help with accessing your quote too.