Can I see my Sonnet Shift discounts or surcharge in the app? When do they get updated?

After you’ve taken your first trip, we’ll display your current Driving Results on your Dashboard in the app. If you’re new to Sonnet Shift, you may also see the 10% Enrollment Discount applied. Once you’ve taken 20 trips and driven 300kms, the Projected Discount you’re on track to receive will be updated every Sunday. These weekly updates really work in your favour! How? Well, if you’ve had a less-than-stellar week behind the wheel and you see that your Projected Discount has dropped, just take a look at your trips to see what might’ve gone wrong. We’ll give you tips to improve your driving behaviour and help you get that Projected Discount back up to where you want it.

You can also view your Projected Mileage and Project Mileage Discount (if eligible) on the Dashboard. These are also updated once a week on Sunday. It’s a good idea to check in on how you’re doing fairly often so you’re up to speed on how much you’re driving. This way, you’ll stay on track to earn that discount at renewal!