Do I need to log my trips manually in the Sonnet Insurance app?

No. The great thing about the Sonnet Insurance app is that it tracks your trips automatically!

But, you do need to confirm whether it was you driving, or if it was someone else.

Here’s how to do it:

After each trip, open the Sonnet Insurance app. You should see a notification that you have trips to review. Tap this notification, or go to the Trips tab. For each trip, it will prompt you to select if you were the driver or passenger. We’ll give you 72 hours to confirm if you were the driver or a passenger before we automatically assume it was you. So, if you hopped into a taxi or are riding as a passenger on the family road trip, you can let us know so that those trips won’t count towards your overall Driving Score. Once a trip has been confirmed you can’t change it.