Learn more about your Sonnet Shift trips

What is a trip?

With Sonnet Shift, every time you drive over 800m from point A to point B you take what we call a “trip”! Once you’ve downloaded and set up the Sonnet Insurance app, it will start tracking and collecting data during each trip you take – whether you’re driving your own car or not.

When a trip is over, we’ll use that trip’s data to calculate a Driving Score based on how safely (or not-so-safely) you drove. Every three months, we’ll review the collected data from all your trips from that quarter and use the information to calculate your Driving Result. We re-evaluate your premium based on your Driving Result and you’ll either earn a discount or see a surcharge applied for the next three months.

Viewing your trips in the Sonnet Insurance app

We’re not the only ones who have access to your trip data – you do, too! The Sonnet Insurance app lets you view the precise details of individual trips, including a map of your route and a breakdown of how safely you drove on your trips. This means that each trip is a new opportunity to learn how you can improve your driving habits – and save even more on your car insurance.

Here's how to see your trips:

  1. Click on the Sonnet Shift section in the app.
  2. Select the Trips tab.
  3. Once the Trips tab is open, all the trips you’ve taken within the last 90 days will appear, along with the Driving Score for each trip where you were the driver.
  4. Click any trip’s score to display the map of your trip as well as the Driving Score breakdown for things like Smooth Driving and Speed.

Here’s what each colour means in your breakdown:

Green score: You’re doing great! We’ll let you know what you’re doing right, and how you can go the extra mile to keep up the good work.
Yellow score: You could be doing better, and we want to help. Read our suggestions to improve your driving so you can earn a discount.
Red score: If you’re in the red, improvement is needed (and you could see a surcharge on your premium!). Follow the tips to get back up to green.

Heads up! Trips taken where you weren’t the driver will appear “greyed out”. You can see when the other driver took the trip and how long it was, but you can’t view their maps or score breakdowns. You’re only able to expand and view the details and score breakdown for your own trips.