What is Sonnet’s SMS usage and contact policy?

What types of messages will I receive via SMS?
We'll only send messages related to updates for your policies, assistance with enrollment, quotes, and reminders about insurance renewals and payments.

Will I receive promotional messages via SMS?
Rest assured, you won't receive any promotional content from us via SMS. We will only send messages related to your insurance policy or quote.

How can I stop receiving SMS messages if I no longer wish to?
To opt out of SMS messages, simply reply to any of our texts with the word "STOP," and you will be removed from our SMS mailing list.

Are there any charges associated with receiving SMS messages?
We don't charge you for receiving SMS messages from us. Standard message and data rates may apply when texting back or clicking a link.

How can I update the phone number for receiving SMS messages from Sonnet?
You can update your contact information, including your phone number, by logging into your account on our website. Just log in, then go to “Settings” and press “Edit”.

Keep in mind that this will be the same number as the one used for your account two-step verification.

Will my information be shared with third parties? Where can I find details about your privacy policy?
We respect you and your privacy. For more information on how we handle your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.