Why does the Sonnet Insurance app need permission to access my iPhone’s Motion & Fitness/my Android’s physical activity?

If you’re an iOS user, the Sonnet Shift program needs access to your smartphone’s Motion and Fitness data. If you’re an Android user, it needs access to your Physical Activity data. Both of these give Sonnet Shift access to your accelerometer and gyroscope sensors so Sonnet Shift can do its job! As you can probably guess, the accelerometer measures your acceleration. This helps us track how fast your phone is moving so we can measure your speed while you’re driving. And, the gyroscope detects which direction it’s pointing in so we can track your trip.

If you’re not sure how to allow access, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through every step of the way when you set up the Sonnet Insurance app.

Heads up! Make sure you set up the app within the timeframe provided in your welcome email. We want to see you start saving as soon as possible!