What happens if I don’t activate the Sonnet Insurance app?

We know life gets busy! If you haven’t downloaded the Sonnet Shift app within five days of the enrollment effective date, we’ll send you a reminder email.

If after 15 days you haven’t activated the app, we’ll start the process to unenroll you from Sonnet Shift. Your premium will be adjusted, and we’ll send you updated documents. This means you’ll miss out on the enrollment discount (if applied) and possible future savings!

TIP! If you can’t find the welcome email in your inbox, be sure to check your junk or spam folder. Still can’t find it? The primary named insured can resend the welcome email to additional drivers. Simply log into your account, select the policy from your Dashboard and click View Policy. Then click on the Vehicles and Drivers tab, select a driver from the list and click Resend Invite.

If the Principal Driver or a Young Driver on an enrolled vehicle doesn’t activate the Sonnet Insurance app within 15 days, then the vehicle and all drivers assigned to that vehicle will also be unenrolled.

If a Secondary Driver is unenrolled from Sonnet Shift because they didn’t download the app, it won’t result in the automatic unenrollment of the vehicle and all other enrolled drivers. But, if not all secondary drivers complete enrollment, it means the policy is no longer eligible for the annual Mileage Discount.

The bottom line is, it’s important to get the app up and running right away. Downloading the app and logging in to your account only takes a few minutes. Need help? We’ve got you covered.