What personal information does the Sonnet Insurance app collect?

The Sonnet Insurance app collects certain details during every trip you take. This allows Sonnet Shift to do its job. The data we collect lets us measure your driving behaviour so we can get your Driving Result. Your Driving Result is a discount or surcharge applied quarterly (every three months from your policy start date) to your car insurance premium.

The data we collect during each trip may include, but is not limited to:

  • Global positioning system (GPS) time and location data
  • Accelerometer data, gyroscope data
  • Location services on/off data
  • Screen on/off data
  • Magnetometer data, and other smartphone or instrumentation data
  • Mobile device ID
  • Phone call start and end time
  • Battery level and charging status
  • Technical information about your mobile device’s hardware or software. This could include your mobile device’s make and model, operating system version, and software version. It could also include other technical information relating to your mobile device.

We may also use specific personal information such as your name, address, phone number and email address. This info would be used for authentication purposes.

Usage-based insurance is new to a lot of drivers, and we want to support you every way we can if you have questions. The data we collect helps us do this. It also helps you help yourself! You’ve got access to some of your driving data, too, in the form of your Driving Score in the app. You can actually view the precise details of your trips – including things like a map of your routes and how well you drove on your trips (yes, it even shows where and when you might have braked a little too hard!). This means that each trip is a new opportunity to learn how to better your driving habits – and save even more on your car insurance.