What if my trips aren’t recording on the Sonnet Insurance app?

If you lost cellular data or Wi-Fi connection or don’t have data usage turned on, it can take a few hours for a trip to appear in the Sonnet Shift app after you’ve reconnected.

If you’re still not seeing your trip, here are a few reasons it may not have recorded:

  • Your trip was less than 800m
  • Your smartphone was turned off or low on battery life
  • Your location permissions are disabled
  • The Sonnet Shift app is experiencing technical difficulties

Here are some tips to help ensure Sonnet Shift can always record your trips:

  • Bring your phone with you on all trips
  • Make sure your smart phone is turned on and the phone’s battery is always above the set battery threshold or adjust the threshold
  • Ensure you have a compatible iPhone or Android smartphone with the latest operating system, or at least three prior OS versions installed
  • Ensure the app is not installed on an iPad (iOS)
  • Regularly log in to the app to prevent it from offloading (iOS) or going into hibernation mode (Android)

Keep in mind that some issues are beyond your control, like loss of GPS or poor mobile connection and could also impact trip recordings.

If you’re having issues with the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to help.