Do I need to report incidents to the police or fire department before I report an online claim?

There are certain situations where you’ll have to contact the police or fire department before you do anything else.


Contact your local fire department to report:

  • An immediate threat to public safety
  • A fire hazard
  • Any other fire safety question or concern.

You should call the police if there’s been any sort of crime (like a break-in) or vandalism related to your property.


Be aware of local laws around reporting accidents, since they vary across municipalities.

Call emergency services (fire or police or both) if:

  • You’ve had a collision with another vehicle
  • You’ve had a collision that doesn’t involve another vehicle but could be considered serious
  • You’ve experienced crime involving your vehicle, including theft, attempted theft, arson or vandalism

The bottom line? When in doubt, call for guidance. It’s better to be safe than sorry!